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Game Marathon

Jan 20 @ 10:30am - Jan 21 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

My name is Noah I was born and raised in a Children’s Hospital was raised from the age 0 to the age to 6… and still am a very good portion… I have had many difficulties in my life, I must get back and feet surgery. I was born dead though thankfully they got me back using shock pads in Middlesboro, Kentucky. That is when they airlifted me to Knoxville, Tennessee to the Children’s Hospital. I had been in a room for 2 full years. I know how most of the kids feel like today… Though the nurses are always very kind to all of us. Well what I am trying to get to, is I would love to start a stream up for a Marathon for Child’s Play. A few friends and I are on the plan for hopefully tomorrow we can get it all together. I am boxing up stuff as it is right now to take to his house as we are all meeting there. If it isn’t a problem to raise money for the kids to gain more enjoying items within the Hospital chain. Though I hope my age will not effect anything
  of the matter. My age is Fifteen (15) I will provide a list of streamers and ages.

New Dates - January 20, 2013 - January 21, 2013. The last e-mail had to be changed around due to technical problems and lack of a heads up. I hope that that was no problem and I am still able to do the marathon for the Children at the hospitals.

Noah, 15
Joseph, 16
Mathew, 15
Shelby (Possible), 15

Games to stream - - - Can Change at any point. Adding/Removing - -
Noah -
Guild Wars 2
Planetside 2
Arma 2
DayZ - Arma 2 Verified Mod.
EverQuest 1
EverQuest 2
Xbox 360 -
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Halo Wars
Halo 4
(More to come)

Joseph -
—More to come—
Xbox - All listed, and Battlefield 3

Planetside 2 - Possible-
—More to Come—
Xbox - All listed.

Shelby -
All listed on Personal Computer
All listed on Xbox 360.