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KGV Charity Gaming Competition

Dec 23 @ 8:04am - Dec 29 @ 8:04am

Event Description

This is a school-based charity event, to be run at King George V School in Hong Kong. Students will be encouraged to participate in the competition over a week-long period with prizes being awarded to the winners.

Three games will be played: League of Legends, Pokemon Showdown, and osu!. Pokemon Showdown is an online Pokemon battle simulator allowing players to build their own teams with their own preferred move sets, while osu! is a rhythm game which can be played online, competitively.

Money will be raised through entry fees: 125 HKD (16 USD) for a five-man LoL team, and 20 HKD (2.5 USD) for simultaneous entry into both Pokemon Showdown and osu! competitions.

LoL and Pokemon Showdown will follow a tournament system, while osu! winners will be judged on total score across multiple songs.

If this competition is successful, we hope to continue running it as a school annual event.