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Mario Party Madness

Dec 14 @ 1:00pm - Dec 15 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

Mario Party forever! Studios Madness and Attack of Opportunity will be playing Mario Party 1 through 7 till we win a 50-turn game on each one.

An event where we urge people to donate to Child’s Play, a charity devoted to helping children through the power of video games, while we slowly lose our mind over hidden blocks.

The stream will be available on opening up approaximately around 2:00 PM Eastern US time.

Planned duration of stream is set for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of ~20.

There will always be live players, possibly versus an AI for additional entertainment values. Also, a chat will be available for the duration of the event within the channel.

For any questions/comments/concerns, please visit the link to the Facebook event page, or send an email to