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MCPHS University: Child’s Play

Nov 9 @ 11:00am - Nov 10 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

The Student Association of Gamers, a club devoted to all gaming pursuits at MCPHS University (Formerly Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences), is holding it’s 4th Biannual 36 hour gaming marathon for charity.  Held on the Boston campus of MCPHS University, the S.A.G. convenes in a large student lounge and games together and attempt to last the rigorous 36 hours.  Sponsored by friends, relatives, and faculty, we donate ourselves in the hopes of raising money for sick children.  As future health care professionals, we see this as a unique way to adding something meaningful to the lives of this kids.

As a club, we engage in all types of gaming throughout this event.  From console and PC games, to card games, to table-top role-playing games.

We were founded in the hopes of providing a home to a niche community on our campus.  We hoped to allow those who enjoy gaming to congregate and find a place to engage in their passion.  This event allows us to focus our passion into something worth while.

We welcome all who would like to participate and spectate to join us in our attempt to aid this worthy charity.MCPHS University: Child’s Play