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MINja Childs Play Event

Oct 18 @ 12:00pm - Oct 19 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

The time has come again! NKU’s Media Informatics group the NKU MINja’s are putting on their Childs Play event.

The MINja’s will be taking over Griffin Hall and using the Digitorium for 24 hours to play a wide assortment of games and raise money for Children’s Hospital.

Other groups that will be aiding the MINja’s in this event are: Norse Code Radio, Norse Gaming Club, Norse League of Legends, Northern Kentucky: Table Top Club and NorseGameDev

Last year the MINja’s raised $600 for more than what we expected for our first time doing the event. This year we hope to make the event bigger and better.

*****Raising Money*****
To raise money for Childs play we will have:
$2 entry fee (expected 200 attendees)
$1 Raffle tickets for a variety of prizes from donations
$5 entry for tournament for advance RSVP
$10 Entry for tournament the day of the event
$1-2 Bake sale of video game inspired sweets
$15-20 Tshirts that will be made for the event

Along with a donation bucket, if we reach our goal we are getting the dean of our college along with professors to play Star Wars Kinect: Rancor Rampage

We will be holding the following tournaments :
League of Legends
Starcraft 2
Halo 2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

*****Games and More*****
There will be a variety of different games to play ranging from the old favorites on the Nintendo to Xbox 360 and PS3.

There will be tables set up for board games in the four corners of the room.

There will be an Occulus Rift for you to try out if you dare

*****Helping Out!*****
We need your help! If you can donate to us your tv’s, consoles, games, etc.

All are labeled and kept safely in the locked door in the Digitorium. If you have any questions or concerns contact Branden Middendorf

If you or your student organization would like to help out with this event contact the MINja’s at:

Donation widget will be located on our twitch account and on our website

Come join us on the 18th for a great cause!