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Miracle Gears

Jul 18 @ 10:00am - Jul 22 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Miracle Gears is targeting 100% of our funds raised to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Clinics in Minnesota.  We’re going to be playing all four Gears of War games, plus all the side missions (Road to Ruin, Raam’s Shadow, etc), all on Insane difficulty.  Marathon session.  This can only end well…

One of our members has a brother who spent time there in the summer of 2008, recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  During that time, his options between therapy sessions were very limited.  There were a few VCRs that were shared amongst the rooms in his wing, and the only movies they had were kids movies.  Now, we all love Toy Story 2 as much as anyone else, but you can only watch the same movie so many times before it becomes boring as all get out.  So that’s why we’re giving back.

We’re all really stoked about this, and ready to go.  We’re foregoing work, sleep, and sanity, to bring this event to you.  We can’t wait for July to come, so we can rev the Lancers and stomp some grubs!