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Ottawa’s Got Game

Jun 1 @ 11:00am - Jun 2 @ 2:00am

Event Description

Ottawa’s Got Game is a full day gaming event being held at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. The day will be packed with tournaments, casual games and plenty of good times for friends and family. All proceeds raised during Ottawa’s Got Game will go to the charity Child’s Play that provides toys and videogames to hospitals worldwide. On Saturday, June 1st, come play your favorite games and make a difference in children’s lives around the world.

Title: Ottawa’s Got Game
Date: Saturday June 1st
Time: 11am – 2am
Location: Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Prizes: Estimated $13,000
Cost to register: $60
General admission: $13
Charity: All proceeds go to the Child’s Play foundation.
Tournament Games: StarCraft II HoTS. Call of Duty Black Ops 2.