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The 1st RockBand After Party

Sep 1 @ 7:00pm - Sep 2 @ 1:30am

Event Description

We have come to an agreement with the Unicorn to do The 1st RockBand After Party!

We chose to go our own way simply because we didn’t want to be compared to the PPP. This is an entirely different event, by RockBand fans, for Rock Band fans. granted, there will be RockBand at the freeplay stage at PAX, we are THE premier Rock Band hosts in the entire state, if not west coast (not counting √úmloud).

The Unicorn will have their regular menu, and special drinks just for this event. cosplay/costumes are encouraged!

There will be prizes for best rocker and best cosplay, as well as gift certificates for the Unicorn and even a raffle for a guitar and a mystery prize!

The last 2 years that we did the Rock Band portion of the PPP it was amazing, and people rocked hard. but this year, we have practically DOUBLED the time of the event, promising the most epic Rock Band party ever of our 7 year history!

Even if you don’t like Rock Band, or think you can’t sing or play it, or in fact never have played at all, it will be a fun time as long as you show up, and jump in with both feet. Hell, it could just be the regular Rock Band crew we entertain every week at the AFK in Renton and it would still be great, but let’s make a little history while starting a new tradition and really put RockBand back on the map!