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The Legend of Charity 2012

Dec 21 @ 6:00pm - Dec 23 @ 10:59pm

Event Description

Come join Vidya Shorts in our third annual charity stream event, The Legend of Charity: A Winter Wakerland! Our past two charity streams have raised over $5500 in total for Child’s Play, and we plan to continue the tradition of giving. This year, the land of Hyrule is covered in a sheet of semi-solid ice after a frigid snowstorm envelopes it. The fate of its people is in the hammy hands of a young hero of variable color who must overcome incredible challenges to prevent the end of the world. Played by loldbz, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will be heavily modded and made increasingly challenging as more donations are received. Don’t miss what will surely be a spectacle of video game hacking, sleep deprivation, and holiday cheer.