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Thunderdome Games

Mar 29 @ 12:30pm - Mar 30 @ 12:30pm

Event Description

Heya guys! Super interesting announcement tiem!

On March 29th, Saturday at 12:30 PM until Sunday at 12:30 PM we are going to be hosting a 24 hour fundraiser for the Child’s Play charity foundation! Our goal is to raise at least 300$ for Children’s fundraisers in which they will use this money to buy new toys and games for hospitalized and sick kids.

How will this all go down, you might ask?

We will have 5 members of the store participating in a streaming event (More than likely League of Legends as a huge emphasis and a few other games here and there; we are open to suggestions as donations become accepted!) for a period of 24 hours. We will be selling Thunderdome Games T-Shirts straight from our website and donating all proceeds to the Child’s Play Network. Everyone will be actively streaming on; so you are able to view each participating members screen and, of course, communicate with them during the marathon.

We have yet to nail down the details of the shirts 100%, but essentially we are looking at:

Men’s and Women’s t-shirt sizes:

White T-Shirts: 15$ (Note: XXL Sizes are 17$)
Black T-Shirts: 20$ (Note: XXL Sizes are 22$)

NOTE: The T-Shirt design will be uploaded shortly in a new thread!

On top of that, folks, we are also going to give anyone who orders a T-Shirt for this event a free month of membership, just to say thanks for helping out a good cause.

And finally, for those of you who may not be able to contribute to the cause via cash; we always could use streamers and helpers during the event. Please feel free to get in touch with me (Kyle Adkins) for any details or openings we will have. Thanks all, and please help us spread the word!