Child's Play - Christmas Livestream
Child's Play - X-Mas Stream X-travaganza
Child's Play - Metal Gear Solidays Marathon
Child's Play - That’s the way, I Livestream
Child's Play - 24hours AFC Charity livestream
Child's Play - Game4Charity Year 3
Child's Play - True Blue Marathon 4
Child's Play - PlayerWon’s 12hr Game Marathon
Child's Play - Metal Gear Marathon
Child's Play - Halo Marathon V - Omnithon
Child's Play - Telethon on 34th Street
Child's Play - Blinded by the Moonlight
Child's Play - Tabletops for Tots
Child's Play - BrigadeCon 2014
Child's Play - BTW Plays KOTOR For Charity
Child's Play - Game Change: 24-Hour Marathon
Child's Play - 12 Hours of Fundraising
Child's Play - Birthday/Charity Livestream
Child's Play - Epic Gamer Radio Gives Back
Child's Play - HalfAssed 24hr Livestream
Child's Play - RM4M Anniversary Bash!
Child's Play - Charity Café
Child's Play - 12 Hour Live Stream
Child's Play - SalukiLAN 2015
Child's Play - EpicToaster 24hr Gaming Time
Child's Play - 24 Hours of Wizard Adventures
Child's Play - Desert Bus for Hope 8
Child's Play - 5 Hour Destiny Livestream
Child's Play - Destined for a Day
Child's Play - Strife’s Game-A-Thon for Kids
Child's Play - LanOC V15
Child's Play - JumpScares
Child's Play - Livestream WEEKEND!
Child's Play - Rupeethon 5
Child's Play - 12 Hours for Child’s Play
Child's Play - 24 Hour Gaming Marathon Stream
Child's Play - The Firefall Charity Pledge
Child's Play - 25 Hour Paper’s, Please Stream
Child's Play - 24 Hours in Hyrule
Child's Play - Salem’s 24H WoW Live Stream
Child's Play - One Level One Dollar
Child's Play - SOHellKite 24 Hour Stream!
Child's Play - The 1st RockBand After Party
Child's Play - Smash $5000 in 24 Hours
Child's Play - BioThon 2: Electric Boogaloo with Rated M for Marathon
Child's Play - Kakarot for Kids with Rated M!
Child's Play - QswTV Charity Gaming Marathon
Child's Play - Frosty & Jin 24H Live Stream
Child's Play - Earthbound 24hr Marathon
Child's Play - 24 Hour Charity Stream LoL/SF4
Child's Play - 24 Game Marathon
Child's Play - Souls for Saints
Child's Play - Seventh Annual Triwizard Tournament
Child's Play - Mrgamer’s 24hr twitchstream
Child's Play - MidnightDrive Charity Stream
Child's Play - Mariothon for Child’s Play
Child's Play - War for Mercy 3
Child's Play - Sealed of the Sick: Khans
Child's Play - We Play Stream Day
Child's Play - To the End!
Child's Play - 24 Hour LiveStream - Nsjmurray
Child's Play - 24 Hour Stream for the Kids!
Child's Play - Team Bellend’s 24 Hour Stream!
Child's Play - Classy’s 24 hour marathon!
Child's Play - Collection vs. Fayyt
Child's Play - Omnithon - Valve
Child's Play - Best of PS4 Marathon
Child's Play - Halo 1-4 Playthough
Child's Play - Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza!
Child's Play - Parkitechs 24hr livestream
Child's Play - Valhalla Charity Stream
Child's Play - Zelda for Eternity V
Child's Play - Operation Playtime
Child's Play - The Mathas Community Play Date
Child's Play - 48 Hour HEX Charity Stream
Child's Play - Superhero Marathon
Child's Play - Summethon
Child's Play - 3 Day Stream - Dutch Record
Child's Play - Power Up for Child’s Play
Child's Play - Miracle Gears
Child's Play - 4DaKidz- TF2 48 Hour Live-Stream
Child's Play - 24hr Charity Livestream
Child's Play - Destiny Beta 24 hr Marathon
Child's Play - Summer of Doom
Child's Play - NHL LOCK-IN 2014
Child's Play - The Sonic-A-Thon
Child's Play - Rebel II
Child's Play - Fated Team PAYDAY Live Stream
Child's Play - Survivalthon
Child's Play - Ruin Raiders Live Stream Event
Child's Play - Wiithon
Child's Play - Corey’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser
Child's Play - TFTools 12 Hour Charity Stream
Child's Play - Treasure Valley 24hr Stream
Child's Play - 24hr Gaming Charity Stream
Child's Play - My Birthday Livestream
Child's Play - Chaos Marathon
Child's Play - IIDX for Charity
Child's Play - Child’s Play 12 Hour Fundraiser

Events Calendar

New Year’s F*cking Eve 2015

Dec 31 @ 6:00am - Jan 1 @ 12:30am

Event Description

I, in my charming style, present SSR’s fourth annual end-of-year gala, known to all and sundry as:


I will be streaming all of your favorite SEGA and Sonic songs non-stop from A/V Hijack’s HQ in Galveston County, TX, starting at 2PM GMT (8AM US Central/6AM Pacific), and keep on streaming into 2015, ending approximately 8:30AM GMT (2:30AM US Central/12:30AM Pacific).

In keeping with tradition that started last year, this stream will also be a benefit stream, with the proceeds going to the wonderful people at Child’s Play. Also, like last year, there will be orum Badges for those board members who provide their forum profiles in the donation comments. Last year, without any advertising outside of here, Twitter, and SSMB, we raised US$72 for charity. This year, I hope to beat that.

To encourage this, I am also giving away prizes via Steam to those who donate. What prizes, you ask?

4 prizes of 1 random Genesis-era game each
1 prize of a copy of Sonic Adventure DX
1 prize of a copy of Sonic Adventure 2 and a special surprise!
1 prize is a super-special SEGA-related surprise (too special to be revealed here)!
So, get going, people.

Christmas Livestream

Dec 19 @ 4:30pm - Dec 21 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

A new team of idiots has arisen, and this Christmas season we hope to give back. Join us for a weekend marathon, where we will be playing some of our favorite games in the hopes that some poor sick child might be able to as well. We plan on streaming throughout the weekend starting this Friday and ending in Sunday, streaming games regularly throughout those days.

Games will include Hearthstone, Unturned, Blood Bowl, Don’t Starve Together, Garry’s Mod, Tabletop Simulator and more!

X-Mas Stream X-travaganza

Dec 19 @ 3:00pm - Dec 20 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Come watch as Achilios and friends stream an abundant variety of video games across a 30+ hour period! There will be hilarity, and holiday cheer throughout as we seek to raise money for this wonderful charity! As we reach our ever-climbing donation goal checkpoints, we will be completing hilariously difficult food challenges, such as the cinnamon, bread, and saltine challenges. Additionally, be sure to tune in and get the chance to talk to our special guests that will be joining us on stream; cosplayers, content producers, artists, and game devs alike will be joining us on Skype and in game!

Metal Gear Solidays Marathon

Dec 19 @ 8:00pm - Dec 21 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Presented by, Metal Gear Solidays: Sons of Charity is a marathon of a selection of Metal Gear Solid games (3, then 1, and lastly 4) accompanied by donation-based challenges and events! Viewers will get the chance to donate towards milestones or buy-in specifically for a selection of events or challenges related to the stream! Please come out and show your support of Child’s Play and your love of the Metal Gear series!

That’s the way, I Livestream

Dec 21 @ 11:00am - Dec 22 @ 11:00am

Event Description

We’ll be doing some livestream and it’ll be alright. Don’t expect much though.

24hours AFC Charity livestream

Dec 20 @ 12:00pm - Dec 21 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We are selling our sleep for the others!!
AFC’s first Charity Livestream FOR 24H!!!
12pm to 12pm!!
We are gonna play games, sleep, fight and laugh for charity!!!!

Game4Charity Year 3

Feb 1 @ 10:00am - Feb 8 @ 10:00am

Event Description

Once again Game4Charity’s Week Long marathon for Child’s Play is up and running. With people streaming from all around Australia (possibly other countries) we have 7 days of entertainment lined up. With rewards and give-aways throughout the week. Join us for 7 days of Awesome!

True Blue Marathon 4

Dec 26 @ 12:00pm - Dec 28 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

We’re a group of friends dedicated to playing Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog video games. However, for our fourth marathon, we’re playing random video games from our childhood. Our fourth event starts on Friday, December 26th at 12 pm EST. We’re only allotting ourselves three days through the 26th, 27th and 28th, so if we don’t finish any unlocked hours, we’ll pickup on the following Saturday at 12 pm EST.

PlayerWon’s 12hr Game Marathon

Dec 20 @ 8:00am - Dec 20 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

PlayerWon is proud to begin a new charity fundraising campaign for the holiday season, this time for Child’s Play! We pledge to play games for twelve hours straight in order to show our dedication, and hope that you feel generous enough to donate some money to help brighten a child’s face during this holiday season!

Metal Gear Marathon

Dec 27 @ 12:00pm - Dec 30 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

From 12 PM Dec. 27th to 12 PM Dec. 30 a group of brash young Canadian gamers, writers, and journalists will be subjecting themselves to a constant barrage of espionage, inane plot points, and inscrutable nanomachines.

This is The Metal Gear Marathon.

The team will be playing through the five main Metal Gear Solid titles, going through (in below order):

- Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
- Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS3)
- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS3)
- Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (PS3)
- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)

Without skipping any cutscenes, codec conversations, or really anything that would take away from the game’s beautiful, insane, silly plot. All to raise money for Child’s Play!

Halo Marathon V - Omnithon

Dec 12 @ 4:00pm - Dec 15 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

Omnithon’s back again for our fifth annual Halo marathon! Come by and watch us play games, eat habanero peppers, freak out over Halo 2 Anniversary’s updated cutscenes, laugh, scream, have a great weekend, and of course, collect donations for Child’s Play!

Telethon on 34th Street

Dec 27 @ 9:00am - Dec 28 @ 9:00am

Event Description

We are a group of teens who love video games and charity! So what better way to spend the holidays than playing games and raising money for children. Catch us from 9am to 9am, the 26th through the 27th, on our twitch stream Donate at

Blinded by the Moonlight

Dec 18 @ 4:00pm - Dec 22 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

The Timbertaft Show is hosting its first ever charity event: “Blinded by the Moonlight!”  Join us as we play through The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask blindfolded.  Help us meet our goals and the marathon will include the completion of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (blindfolded), 100%‘ing both games (blindfolded), and possibly even playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (blindfolded).  Spread the word so that we can make a difference together!

Tabletops for Tots

Dec 6 @ 12:00pm - Dec 7 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Tabletops for Tots is a 24-hr. Tabletop-Gaming Marathon taking place at Great Escape Games (1250 Howe Ave #3A, Sacramento, CA 95825) on Dec. 6th. The event will be livestreamed via twitch (

The door price is $10 and all proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity. We will also include an online auction of many donated tabletops games from companies across the continent, of which all proceeds will go directly to Child’s Play Charity. There will also be a general donation widget available at our website! Can’t wait to roll some dice and improve the lives of kids across the globe!

BrigadeCon 2014

Nov 15 @ 12:00am - Nov 16 @ 12:00am

Event Description

BrigadeCon 2014 is an online tabletop gaming convention hosted by the RPG Brigade, a collective of tabletop roleplaying enthusiasts. Events include live games of D&D and other RPGs, and live panels on game-mastering, world-building, and adventure creation. Donations will be accepted for Child’s Play during the entirety of the convention.

BTW Plays KOTOR For Charity

Nov 21 @ 8:00pm - Nov 23 @ 8:00am

Event Description

Beginning at 8pm on November 21 and running until we finish Ben’s Take on the World (with some great volunteer help) will be playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic from beginning to end. This event is to raise as much money as possible for charity!

Game Change: 24-Hour Marathon

Sep 26 @ 2:00am - Sep 27 @ 2:00am

Event Description

24 hours of non-stop, live gaming. I’ll be visible by webcam, slowly losing sanity while playing may way through content and serenading along the way.

All proceeds donated during this event go directly to Child’s Play Chairty which provides games, toys, and various entertainment to hospitalized children to make their stay more comfortable.

To date, the Game Change community has raised more than $350 for the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

For more information:

12 Hours of Fundraising

Sep 25 @ 12:00pm - Sep 25 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

For my official stream opening, I will be playing various games for 12 hours and raising funds for Child’s Play!

Birthday/Charity Livestream

Sep 20 @ 11:30am - Sep 20 @ 9:30pm

Event Description

I’m going to be livestreaming a bunch of different games on Twitch such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Garry’s Mod, Monaco, and Sportsfriends! I’m not that popular of a streamer or youtuber, but I want as many people to donate as we can get! I myself will be donating 500$ to Child’s Play.

Epic Gamer Radio Gives Back

Oct 25 @ 5:00pm - Oct 26 @ 5:00am

Event Description

Here at Epic Gamer Radio, we love to give back to the gaming communities that we serve. We have chosen this time of year to give back to the children. Our listeners are always willing to help a person in need and nothing brightens a child’s face when they are faced with a hospital stay like being able to play some really awesome games.

We hope to make this a yearly event, and wish that our listeners will help support this amazing effort to put smiles on the faces of all these wonderful children.

HalfAssed 24hr Livestream

Sep 19 @ 8:00am - Sep 20 @ 8:00am

Event Description

The 24hr stream starts Friday 9/19 at 8AM (pst) Each donation will encourage us to put ourselves through more pain. You know, for the kids! 100% of our earnings will be given to the Child’s Play Charity.


RM4M Anniversary Bash!

Sep 20 @ 12:00am - Sep 20 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Join us for this month’s minithon as we play through one of Bioware’s greatest hits, Dragon Age: Origins. We are celebrating our three year anniversary with this awesome event, so come laugh, cry, watch, donate, help, share, and win as we prepare to play through the entirety of DA:O to raise money for Child’s Play Charity! Visit for more details.

Charity Café

Sep 19 @ 12:00pm - Sep 21 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

It’s that time of year again, and Raptus - Bergen tegneseriefestival is back and so are we with our Charity Cafe for the second year in a row! This years theme is Japan! We hope to see you all there and enjoy the foods and drinks we are serving this year!

We plan on selling sweets, cookies, and drinks like last year to raise money to donate to child’s play! So if you like Oreo Cake, Rainbow Cake, and Mochi rice cakes be sure to come on by!

12 Hour Live Stream

Sep 20 @ 8:00am - Sep 20 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

I will be streaming multiple games for 12 hours or more in order to raise awareness for this great charity! There will be a donation widget on my stream page so that anyone can make direct donations to the charity. I play lots of different games, but mostly will be Diablo 3 and Darksouls. I look forward to this event and hope to raise money for this amazing charity!

SalukiLAN 2015

Mar 20 @ 5:00pm - Mar 22 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

SalukiLAN is an annual charity LAN party event hosted by the Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s student chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery).

SalukiLAN is continuously growing, and is the largest LAN party in southern Illinois. SalukiLAN is the premier gaming event in southern Illinois. We have hundreds of gamers, Gigabit internet, tons of swag, raffles, tournaments and other events.

Last year, we grew by 100 people. In 2013, we had 100 attendees, in 2014 we had 200. We are hoping to hit 300+ in 2015.

During the event, we hold raffles and collect donations with 100% of all earnings going the the charity Child’s Play (  Child’s Play uses donations to purchase new consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

EpicToaster 24hr Gaming Time

Sep 6 @ 7:30pm - Sep 7 @ 7:30pm

Event Description

I am going to do a 24hr gaming marathon on twitch come check me out here!

24 Hours of Wizard Adventures

Sep 5 @ 11:00pm - Sep 6 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Join myself and a few other ‘Wizards’ on an adventure through the Spiral, in Wizard101.

This livestream will include the following: Opportunities to get on the stream with me, In game item giveaways and lots of video game music and silly jokes/voices. Listed event times are EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Desert Bus for Hope 8

Nov 14 @ 10:00am - Nov 20 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Desert Bus for Hope is an annual online gaming marathon in which participants raise money for Child’s Play charity by auctioning off unique gaming-themed items, hosting geek-celebrity interviews, and generally making fools of themselves while playing the most mind-numbing video game ever created: Desert Bus.

Join in the madness at:

5 Hour Destiny Livestream

Sep 12 @ 7:00pm - Sep 13 @ 12:30am

Event Description

We hope everyone can join us for my Destiny release livestream. I will be joined by some guest and we will battle out in the newly released game. There is not set goal, but please donate all that you can give! So come on over and join us.

Destined for a Day

Sep 11 @ 12:00pm - Sep 12 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

A 24 hour Destiny live stream to raise awareness and money for Child’s Play. All scheduled times for the event are BST (British Summer Time).

Strife’s Game-A-Thon for Kids

Sep 9 @ 3:00am - Sep 11 @ 2:59am

Event Description

On September 9th we will be hosting a charity event for Child’s Play, we will be streaming for a straight 48 hours. What can you expect from our stream you may ask well here it is. Insight into Destiny from very knowledgeable players, Walk-Throughs, Interactive Streamers, and Giveaways.

Estimated start time 4:00 A.M EST, 3:00 A.M CST, 9:00 A.M BST
Estimated end time: 3:59 A.M EST, 2:59 A.M CST, 8:59 A.M BST

LanOC V15

Sep 6 @ 10:00am - Sep 7 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

LanOC V15 is a gaming event held in Northwest Ohio twice a year. Over the two days everyone gets together, brings their computers, and game and have fun. This year to raise money we have put together a high end gaming PC to raffle off along with a very long list of prizes for our attendees thanks to our sponsors.

The PC raffle we are doing for charity is its own raffle outside of our general raffle. Tickets will be 1 for $1 or 6 for $5.


Van Wert Council on Aging
Senior Center Building
220 Fox Rd
Van Wert, OH 45891


Oct 3 @ 7:00pm - Oct 5 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Every day in Oct spooky games will be livestreamed/played to raise awareness & money for Child’s Play.

Livestream WEEKEND!

Sep 5 @ 6:00pm - Sep 7 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

A WHOLE weekend of the Hungrycanadian and various other youtubers get together to raise some money for a great cause! Steam keys will be raffled off to donators! so donate for a great cause, have some fun, and win some free games!

For more information:

Rupeethon 5

Sep 12 @ 7:00pm - Sep 14 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

We’re back for round 5! Watch the gang nerdrage their way through some classic Legend of Zelda games, complete with epic meltdowns, silly voices and sillier hats!

On tap for this year: TWO DAYS of Dramatic Readings, the Spotify “Painlist”, Nerdtalk Panels, handmade plushies and no doubt plenty more Bob Ross drawings!

We also invite our audience to achieve MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION LEVELS! You will have plenty of opportunity to call in and hang out with us ALMOST LIVE in Dodongo’s Cavern. The insanity begins September 12, 2014!

12 Hours for Child’s Play

Aug 23 @ 12:00pm - Aug 24 @ 12:00am

Event Description

This is to raise money for Child’s Play Charity, a charity that helps raise money to get kids in hospitals all over the world toys, books, and games! Donate! Every little bit helps!

24 Hour Gaming Marathon Stream

Aug 22 @ 9:00am - Aug 23 @ 9:00am

Event Description

Playing games for 24 hours straight to raise awareness!

The Firefall Charity Pledge

Sep 1 @ 12:00pm - Sep 5 @ 4:00am

Event Description

September 1st thru the 5th, 12:00 PM to 4:00 AM each day.

The crew of gamers-haven will be live streaming Firefall to help raise charity for Child’s Play!

During our livestream we will be giving out free starter and deluxe editions to viewers. But that is only half the fun all viewers are welcome to join us also in the hopes to help raise funds so feel free to tell your friends and family!

25 Hour Paper’s, Please Stream

Aug 23 @ 9:30pm - Aug 24 @ 10:30pm

Event Description

I will be playing the game Paper’s, Please for 25 hours straight on my Twitch channel

24 Hours in Hyrule

Sep 4 @ 12:00am - Sep 5 @ 12:00am

Event Description

24-hour Zelda marathon on Twitch. All donations will go directly to Child’s Play via the Child’s Play Donation Widget.

I will be playing 3 popular titles from the Legend of Zelda franchise on my stream on September 4th beginning at midnight and will end the stream at midnight on September 5th. All times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

The games in question will be none other than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I will be attempting to complete all three games within that timespan. It will be a crazy day of frivolity featuring myself and a slight lack of sleep.

For more information:

Salem’s 24H WoW Live Stream

Aug 23 @ 12:00pm - Aug 24 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Join Salem as he plays World of Warcraft for 24 hours while helping raise money for Child’s Play! Stop in, say hello, motivate him to keep playing! Other games being played may include: Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Minecraft and much more!

One Level One Dollar

Aug 22 @ 12:00pm - Aug 23 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

For every level we gain in our games, we will donate one dollar to Child’s Play!

SOHellKite 24 Hour Stream!

Aug 16 @ 3:00pm - Aug 17 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

HELLO GUYS!this is SOHellKite(Robbie)
and I hope you join me for the 24 hour stream for childs play!

been really looking forward to the event for some time now and ive never done a stream like this before
all the info is below!

will be playing all kind of games but the challenge is to stay awake!

thank you so much and i hope to see you there

take care =)

The 1st RockBand After Party

Sep 1 @ 7:00pm - Sep 2 @ 1:30am

Event Description

We have come to an agreement with the Unicorn to do The 1st RockBand After Party!

We chose to go our own way simply because we didn’t want to be compared to the PPP. This is an entirely different event, by RockBand fans, for Rock Band fans. granted, there will be RockBand at the freeplay stage at PAX, we are THE premier Rock Band hosts in the entire state, if not west coast (not counting Ümloud).

The Unicorn will have their regular menu, and special drinks just for this event. cosplay/costumes are encouraged!

There will be prizes for best rocker and best cosplay, as well as gift certificates for the Unicorn and even a raffle for a guitar and a mystery prize!

The last 2 years that we did the Rock Band portion of the PPP it was amazing, and people rocked hard. but this year, we have practically DOUBLED the time of the event, promising the most epic Rock Band party ever of our 7 year history!

Even if you don’t like Rock Band, or think you can’t sing or play it, or in fact never have played at all, it will be a fun time as long as you show up, and jump in with both feet. Hell, it could just be the regular Rock Band crew we entertain every week at the AFK in Renton and it would still be great, but let’s make a little history while starting a new tradition and really put RockBand back on the map!


Smash $5000 in 24 Hours

Feb 28 @ 12:00pm - Mar 1 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

24 Hour Stream with friends playing Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. In that 24 Hours we hope to raise $5000.00! Give-aways and Awards for Viewers and Donators!

BioThon 2: Electric Boogaloo with Rated M for Marathon

Dec 12 @ 12:00pm - Dec 15 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

It’s the third anniversary of Rated M for Marathon’s charity streams, and to celebrate, we’ll be playing games and entertaining viewers for our longest time ever, 4 days straight! To celebrate, we’re recreating our first marathon, that went 90 hours straight, featuring games from BioWare such as Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins! We want this to be out biggest money-raising effort for Child’s Play yet, so tune in and help us make the biggest event in our history the best!

Kakarot for Kids with Rated M!

Aug 30 @ 2:00pm - Aug 31 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

Kakarot for Kids is an event where all prizes are sponsored by Facebook’s one true Kakarot and is a taste of next year’s Dragon Ball Z marathon. Seven hours, one for every Dragon Ball, will be dedicated to the best games in the franchise. All money raised goes directly to Child’s Play Charity!

QswTV Charity Gaming Marathon

Aug 17 @ 12:00pm - Aug 17 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Please come visit us to help out a great cause! All donation proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity.

Frosty & Jin 24H Live Stream

Aug 22 @ 11:00pm - Aug 23 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Come watch Frosty2200 and Jin Jubei play games on for 24 hours with games such as: League of Legends, Vindictus, Hearthstone, Star Craft 2, ArmA3, Star Citizen’s Arena Commander, and plenty more!

Earthbound 24hr Marathon

Aug 9 @ 12:00pm - Aug 10 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

A 24hr Livestream Marathon of Earthbound. I’ve never played the game before, so this should be fun! All money will go to Child’s Play Charity!

24 Hour Charity Stream LoL/SF4

Aug 11 @ 12:00pm - Aug 12 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

I will be running a 24 hour stream for donations on  The games that I will be playing are League of Legends mostly and some Ultra Street Fighter 4.  Those who watch my stream will be given more information about Child’s Play and how they can help. 24 Game Marathon

Oct 17 @ 8:00pm - Oct 18 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

We will be running a twitch event for child’s play and giving away gear from Logitech and others for donators. Each $10 increment gets 1 entry into the contest. We will be having fun streaming our live camera and our game on twitch at

Souls for Saints

Aug 17 @ 4:00pm - Aug 18 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Jeff and Chris from Sibling Rivalry are embracing their insanity and doing a 24 hour Dark Souls II run to raise money for Child’s Play!

Seventh Annual Triwizard Tournament

Aug 28 @ 8:30pm - Aug 29 @ 3:00am

Event Description

The seventh annual Triwizard Tournament and Child’s Play Charity Auction.

Mrgamer’s 24hr twitchstream

Aug 9 @ 9:00am - Aug 10 @ 9:00am

Event Description

24hr stream at
with Joel Johnson and Chandler Davis :)
donate at:

MidnightDrive Charity Stream

Aug 1 @ 7:00pm - Aug 3 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

MidnightDrive is a brand new streaming group, we are going to kick off our new channel with a 48hour live stream all for Child’sPlay.

We have 5 different streamers to play over the course of two days as well as many games.

We will be doing give away’s every 100 follwers.
We hope you can stop bye and join the fun!

Mariothon for Child’s Play

Aug 8 @ 6:00am - Aug 10 @ 10:00am

Event Description

Enjoy all things Mario while raising money for the Child’s Play charity. I’ll be attempting to play 51 hours of Mario games and set a new Guinness World Record.

The Mariothon will be streamed live via:

The official Mariothon for Child’s Play donation page:

The live stream will start at 6:00AM (CST) on Friday August 8th and continue (hopefully) until a new world record is set (11:00 AM, August 10th).

War for Mercy 3

Oct 26 @ 12:00pm - Oct 26 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

The third annual War for Mercy! Come for the great event, feel good for the charity. All proceeds are to benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital through Child’s Play. Last year, we raised over $1200 to get toys and gaming systems to children who are at Children’s Mercy.

Help us raise even more this year! Watch this page for the amazing list of sponsors ranging from well known fantasy authors, nerd gaming companies, gift certificates, garb makers, and more! Save your dollars and show we’re more than just stick jocks and geeks.

Sealed of the Sick: Khans

Nov 8 @ 11:00am - Nov 8 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Sealed for the Sick: Khans for Kids is a MTG Sealed event where each participant gets 6 packs of Khans of Tarkir to make a deck and play against the other participants. $5 dollars of every tournament entry will be going directly to Child’s Play, as well as proceeds from multiple raffles, and side events going as well. We have many local artists currently creating wonderful pieces of art from custom deck boxes to 3-d life counters all up for grabs to our participants.

Please check our website for updates as far as donations and prize support.

Main event : Sealed - $25 entry($5 going to Child’s Play), sign ups start at 11am, with Round 1 starting at Noon.

Side Events:

Modern Flights - $10 entry($5 going to Child’s Play, $5 going into prize pool) Each flight goes off as soon as we have 8 participants.

Draft Pods $15 entry ($5 going to Child’s Play) Prizes are coming from donation pool, each pod goes off as soon as we have 8 people.

We Play Stream Day

Aug 9 @ 11:00am - Aug 9 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

If you’re a fan of gaming or a fan of comedy come watch us play for a good cause!

The boys of We Play and getting together for a live stream event for your entertainment and hopefully to touch some hearts into donating to a truly wonderful cause.

There will be drinking, games and laughs with milestone events and challenges, we welcome everyone to participate and give kindly to children in need.

More information will be coming in the following weeks but we ask that you share this with your friends and stop by for a look, maybe even stay awhile and listen!

To the End!

Jul 26 @ 8:00am - Jul 26 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

I will be playing Minecraft on a new world trying to get to the End. Twist is with every new donation that I receive the new world borders will expand. Thus giving reason for people to donate as well as hyping the stream up.

24 Hour LiveStream - Nsjmurray

Aug 9 @ 11:00pm - Aug 10 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Sponsored by WarPulse Gaming!

24 Hour Stream for the Kids!

Jul 25 @ 9:00am - Jul 26 @ 9:00am

Event Description

In order to raise money for all of the children that need to take their mind off of things in the hospital, I will be doing a 24 hour live stream over at Please feel free to stop by and say hello during these hours.

Team Bellend’s 24 Hour Stream!

Jul 31 @ 4:00pm - Aug 1 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Team Bellend are doing a 24 hour Livestream in support of Child’s Play from Thursday 31st July @ 4:20pm and finishes at Friday 1st August @ 4:20pm. Within these 24 hours we are going to try and raise at least £100 for Child’s Play.

Within the 24 Hours we will mostly be playing multiplayer games and we’ll also be using the dreaded Steam Roulette to pick the games during the night. We plan to have no long breaks. Although we have allocated 10 minutes for each hour if needed.

Classy’s 24 hour marathon!

Aug 1 @ 8:00am - Aug 2 @ 8:00am

Event Description

ClassyNation will be hosting a 24 hour live stream! This live stream will consist of classy continuing his quest to 100 games beaten by the end of 2014! Hop in for some single player raging and multiplayer madness! All for a good cause!

Collection vs. Fayyt

Jul 19 @ 8:00am - Jul 20 @ 8:00am

Event Description

Hey everyone.

I have a large gaming collection, so much so that I am locked in a constant battle with trying to finish it (which I no longer know is even possible). I decided that any day my body was ready for the challenge, I would tackle chunks of it at a time and stream it. I then figured if i’m streaming, I might as well do it for charity!

Please come watch the event, and if you feel so inclined, throw a few dollars towards the charity!

I will be playing from my pool of games, and trying to stay on only a few titles at a time, however should anyone donate 20$ or more, they can make a request for me to play 2 hours of any of the titles I own.

I can stream any of the following titles (plus any free2play game you can think of) on xbox 360, ps3, or pc from this doc:

Thanks for your time, hope to see you in the stream!

For more information:

Omnithon - Valve

Jul 25 @ 1:00pm - Jul 27 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Omnithon’s back for our eleventh event, this time playing through Valve’s catalog of hits.

We’ll be playing through Half Life 2 and its episodes, the Left 4 Dead titles, the Portals, a bit of Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, and of course, some Ricochet. If we reach our donation goal, we’ll even make our way through the original Half Life!

As is standard for our events, donating can get you a close up view of one of us doing the cinnamon challenge or eating a habanero pepper, so be sure to tune in or you’ll miss some good suffering.

We hope to see you at on the weekend of July 25th!

Best of PS4 Marathon

Aug 12 @ 6:00pm - Aug 13 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

I’ll be playing through the best PS4 games for 24 hours straight!

Halo 1-4 Playthough

Nov 13 @ 5:00pm - Nov 14 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

I have always been a big fan of the Halo series, and now with the re-mastered versions I want to get back into that universe with a bang!

On the night of the Master Chief Collection release three friends and I will be starting with Halo Combat Evolved and won’t stop playing until the end of Halo 4, this is of course all in aid of charity, and to show new and old the wonders of the Halo universe :)

Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza!

Jul 26 @ 12:00pm - Jul 27 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

You might not know me, but my name is Hooper! I record myself playing games online! Crazy right?

Alright, let’s get serious for a minute here. I’ve been watching quite a number of YouTubers lately, and they all have done some sort of charity livestream before. And you know what? It’s inspired me to do my own. But that’s not the only reason. I’ve been to hospitals quite a few times, and I do think about this: what do these kids have to do all day? I’m sure most of them would want to be anywhere but here. Child’s Play is here to help, and I’m here to help them help others! Make sense right?

So what will I be doing to help? I’ll be hosting a full, non-stop 24 hour livestream! I’ll be playing games, playing games with friends, and just generally being a total goofball for 24 hours straight! I’ll be playing games from Outlast, to Garry’s Mod, to Dark Souls, to Wildstar! Basically, just anything that seems interesting at the time!

I’m really, really excited for to do this, and I hope you guys are too! So join me and my friends for Saturday, July 26-27th at 12:00 PM CST for Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza! See you there!

Parkitechs 24hr livestream

Jul 18 @ 11:30am - Jul 19 @ 1:30pm

Event Description

A 24 hour twitch livestream on our twitch channel:  of our minecraft server, , (a 1:1 scale replica of Walt Disney World, Florida) where we will be opening new attractions, running new shows and much more! Donate to see more awesome things during the livestream!

Valhalla Charity Stream

Jul 12 @ 4:00am - Jul 12 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

The guys from the Valhalla Minecraft SMP Server plan to do an 18 hour stream in order to gain funds for the Child’s Play Program! We will play on our SMP Server and also on games such as CS:GO. We will have a blast together and we hope you come along!

*Stream times are located on our website!

Zelda for Eternity V

Jul 29 @ 3:00pm - Aug 4 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Zelda for Eternity is an annual video game marathon put on by Zelda fan site Zelda Eternity. Every year, our community comes together to stream days of non-stop Zelda to benefit Child’s Play Charity. Returning for its landmark fifth year, Zelda for Eternity will embark on a quest to complete 13 Legend of Zelda titles and raise record amounts for hospitalized children everywhere!

Operation Playtime

Jul 26 @ 12:00pm - Jul 27 @ 12:00am

Event Description

In this event, I will be attempting to raise $500 for child’s play by playing some popular games and doing some hilarious stuff on camera. Games may include: Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Outlast, Terraria, and Warframe! There will be special guests from my second channel that’s currently in development as well as a possibility of a group of friends later on in the night!

For more information:

The Mathas Community Play Date

Aug 9 @ 12:00pm - Aug 10 @ 12:00am

Event Description

An event where my YouTube community can come together, play games, and donate to an excellent cause.

48 Hour HEX Charity Stream

Aug 1 @ 12:00am - Aug 3 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Infam0usne0 and Cirouss will be hosting a 48 stream marathon for charity on the official HEXTCG twitch stream.

We will be streaming HEX: Shards of Fate an upcoming digital trading card game.

There will be many HEX events and giveaways over the duration of the stream. Including the chance to get your own vanity card. Get your face on a card and be part of the game forever!

Come have some fun and help out a great cause!

Event Stream:

Infam0usne0’s Stream

Cirous’ Stream

Superhero Marathon

Jul 11 @ 12:00pm - Jul 14 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We at Rated M for Marathon our proud to announce that our eighth marathon will cover Super Hero games! Over the course of 72 hours we will be playing through some of our favorite games featuring super heroes from over the years! The marathon will begin Friday, July 11th, at 12:00 pm CDT and will run through Monday July 14th at 12:00 pm CDT! We hope to see you all there!


Jul 3 @ 5:00pm - Jul 6 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

A casual/speedrunning marathon.

3 Day Stream - Dutch Record

Jul 10 @ 11:00am - Jul 13 @ 11:00am

Event Description

Hey there!

I am going to do a 3 day long stream, which will break the dutch record!

The stream will be in dutch only and i will attempt to raise 2500 Dollars!

Going to play tons of games, with lots of friends, and i hope you guys will give it a shot ^_^

Power Up for Child’s Play

Jul 11 @ 10:00am - Jul 11 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

We are doing a charity stream for twelve hours to raise money for Child’s Play. We will be playing primarily multi-player games such as Starwhal, Battleblock Theatre, Monaco, Diablo 3, and Smite. We also have some game codes to give out for people who donate at least a dollar. We are excited to do our first charity stream and are excited to be doing it with Child’s Play.

Miracle Gears

Jul 18 @ 10:00am - Jul 22 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Miracle Gears is targeting 100% of our funds raised to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Clinics in Minnesota.  We’re going to be playing all four Gears of War games, plus all the side missions (Road to Ruin, Raam’s Shadow, etc), all on Insane difficulty.  Marathon session.  This can only end well…

One of our members has a brother who spent time there in the summer of 2008, recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  During that time, his options between therapy sessions were very limited.  There were a few VCRs that were shared amongst the rooms in his wing, and the only movies they had were kids movies.  Now, we all love Toy Story 2 as much as anyone else, but you can only watch the same movie so many times before it becomes boring as all get out.  So that’s why we’re giving back.

We’re all really stoked about this, and ready to go.  We’re foregoing work, sleep, and sanity, to bring this event to you.  We can’t wait for July to come, so we can rev the Lancers and stomp some grubs!

4DaKidz- TF2 48 Hour Live-Stream

Sep 26 @ 4:00pm - Sep 28 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Trashed Gamers is a friendly and thriving TF2 community group, and It Burns When I PvP is a United Gaming Clans Highlander team. Together, we want to give back to our community in some way, and by sponsoring a live-stream for Child’s Play charity, we can help raise money for a cause that all gamers can relate to.

Our second-annual fund-raising event will be a 48 hour live-stream starting on September 26, 2014 at 7pm EST, and ending on September 28, at 7pm EST. The main events will be streamed on (

Our main charity page will have info on event sign-ups, schedule, prize-drawings, and giveaways! Make sure to join us for some of the best TF2 you’ll likely see! for more info.

24hr Charity Livestream

Jul 1 @ 10:00pm - Jul 2 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

24hr Charity Dual Livestream Celebration with Giveaways, viewer interaction and lots of fun.  ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO CHILD’S PLAY!

Destiny Beta 24 hr Marathon

Jul 17 @ 12:00pm - Jul 18 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Hello! I’m Joe but I’m known as “Space” amongst most of my friends. I’ve been wanting to do a charity event for a while, and Child’s Play really caught my eye. I thought that it would be great if I could use my love of games to bring joy into children’s lives. From July 17th to the 18th, I am hosting this 24 hour event to raise money for my state’s main Children’s Hospital. Please check the website for more info, hopefully you guys can all tune in.

Summer of Doom

Jul 19 @ 7:00pm - Jul 22 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

A team of students and lifelong gamers celebrate and marathon all three Doom games via livestream but can only continue as levels are purchased by Child’s Play donations.  Stop by our website and help us not only to make an entertaining show but to raise funds for a worthy cause.


Dec 5 @ 3:00pm - Dec 7 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

48 Hours of Simulated Sweat, Skates and Sleeplessness!

The 3rd Annual NHL LOCK-In will be a GRUELING full 82-game season, played between anywhere from 10-60 GM’s, and countless players ONLINE over the course of the 5-7th of December, 2014

THIS YEAR Also Boasts a new addition to the Schedule… the night of the 4th, the 1st ever NHL LOCK-IN DRAFT will be held. This year, you really DO control your team!

Team Registration Welcome, and still open! :)

The Sonic-A-Thon

Aug 4 @ 10:00am - Aug 18 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Hellfire Commentaries is joining forces with BrainScratchComms, HPAW and RespawnPoint to go fast for charity! Featuring over 40 games played across 14 days, the Sonic-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser yet, with the largest variety of commentators we’ve ever crammed together. Come join us at 6PM GMT each night for some speedy shenanigans!

Rebel II

Jun 28 @ 10:00am - Jun 29 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

FGCC - Fighting Game Club of Calgary and Super Smash Bros. University - Alberta’s University Club are partnering up to bring you a major fighting game tournament for a good cause!

Located at the University of Calgary in Calgary, AB, Canada, Rebel II will play host to some of western Canada’s top players in games such as Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl and Project M.

All door and raffle proceeds as well as any extra donations by spectators and sponsors will all go towards the Child’s Play Foundation!

Check the event page for stream details!

Fated Team PAYDAY Live Stream

Jul 5 @ 7:00pm - Jul 6 @ 7:00am

Event Description

Hello Child’s Play! My name is Thomas Saggers and I am happy to announce our second charity stream on with the Child’s Play Charity. Our last stream was successful and now we are doing it again with a higher set goal of $500!

Our last stream was incredibly fun and we were happy with it, and we hope to see even more people joining in and donating!

Link to our Twitch Channel:
Link to additional event information:

The Stream will take place during the following times:

Sunday, 6 July 2014 at 12:00:00 Noon AEST UTC+10 hours
Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 10:00:00 PM EDT UTC-4 hours
Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 7:00:00 PM PDT UTC-7 hours


Jun 24 @ 12:00pm - Jun 25 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

A 24-hour survival games marathon, this years goal is 100 wins.


Ruin Raiders Live Stream Event

Jun 27 @ 9:03am - Jun 29 @ 9:03am

Event Description Here is a video description of the video.

We are a small youtube group who play the game “Minecraft” on a server together named The Night Owl Server. On July 27 2014 at 8PM EST we are starting a 48 hour long charity live stream for Child’s Play. It will be a full 48 hours with NO break and we’d love to have as many people possible drop by, have some fun and support an AMAZING cause.

Thank you, Matt (GamingGrey) Wilson


Jul 11 @ 2:00pm - Jul 13 @ 9:00am

Event Description

The AllDayPlay/Magmathon team is back for its fourth weekend-long marathon! We’ll be playing through multiple Wii and Wii U games non-stop, with plenty of laughs and surprises in store. Wiithon kicks off at 5 PM EDT on July 11th; wii hope to see you there!

Corey’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser

Aug 23 @ 12:00am - Aug 23 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

I’m Corey and my Bar Mitzvah is 8/23/14.  I love to play all kinds of games but video games are my favorite.  For my Mitzvah project, I am asking my friends to please make a donation to Child’s Play instead of giving me a gift. 

Your gift will be used to buy new games to be donated to hospitals around the country. There are lots of sick kids in hospitals who would love to have a game to play with to make them feel better and not so scared.  Donations will be accepted from July 1st to September 1st.

Thank you for your generosity!

TFTools 12 Hour Charity Stream

Jul 12 @ 12:00pm - Jul 13 @ 12:00am

Event Description

TFTools will be hosting a 12 hour livestream on their Twitch page, playing Team Fortress 2 and other games with fans and special guests. There will be various events, giveaways and raffles for viewers to participate in.

Treasure Valley 24hr Stream

Jul 11 @ 5:00pm - Jul 13 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Treasure Valley League is a local group of League of Legends players. We have had a few meetups and even our first successful LAN recently. We want to keep the community and excited till our next event. Us admins decided it would be a wonderful thing to make us stay 24-48 hours while people donate for charity. Members will be be playing in the “in house” games while we stream it and cast it live. We are not looking for any profit whatsoever. There is the twitch link in the event info section. Here is also our website

24hr Gaming Charity Stream

Jun 19 @ 3:00pm - Jun 20 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

24 hour live stream on twitch to support Child’s Play. The gamers in the live stream playing are Paulo Consiglio, Lewis Trinidad, and Nick Castagna. Nick will be streaming on a separate twitch stream and you can find him at We will be playing League of Legends, Battleblock Theater, Runescape 2007, White Noise Online, and Left 4 Dead 2.

My Birthday Livestream

Jul 3 @ 11:00am - Jul 4 @ 11:59am

Event Description

I’m going to be livestreaming me and my friends at we’re going to be playing various video games and we like to make my special day even better by hosting a charity with you. My friends and I look forward to raising money for Childs play

Chaos Marathon

Jun 27 @ 9:00am - Jun 29 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

We’re holding a 60-hour marathon of Sonic the Hedgehog games! Streaming live from Twitch.Tv, we’ll also be interacting with viewers through their chat along with facebook (

Also: see for more information at the beginning of June.

IIDX for Charity

Jun 27 @ 5:00pm - Jun 29 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

A team of three players will be showcasing beatmaniaIIDX 21: SPADA for 48 hours, showing both the experienced players and newcomers what the hype is all about.

Beatmania, a rhythm game first released in 1997, is a DJ simulation game featuring a set of keys and a turntable with notes falling down the screen, which prompts the player to hit the keys and spin the turntable appropriately.

Stream will also feature a raffle that you will be automatically entered into if you donate more than a certain amount!

For more information regarding this event:

Child’s Play 12 Hour Fundraiser

Jun 13 @ 4:30pm - Jun 14 @ 4:30am

Event Description

Hello! I am an Australian 16 year old aiming to host my first fundraising event for Child’s Play! I’ll be playing Terraria, and maybe a few other games. I’d really appreciate it if you came out to watch, and we’ll all have a great time!