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Wild Heath

Sep 29 @ 5:00pm - Sep 29 @ 7:30pm

Event Description

The long, hot summer is drawing to a close and, like it or not, winter is surely coming. The game is on if you want to survive.

It’s a jungle out there. The animals of Hampstead Heath are preparing for the chill and have no choice but to battle against each other to fend off the shadow of the coming winter. In this inner-city adventure you will need to pick your tactics wisely and prepare to fight for your life. You must rely on your wits, your strength and the goodwill of your teammates to foil your opponents and determine the fate of your species.

Light hearted, Silly and Fun - Wild Heath is an immersive world where animal spirits walk, talk and rule the land, and you must compete to ensure their survival. In this theatrical game you create the story; the decisions you and your team make will decide the outcome of the game.
Remember: it’s a wild, wild world and, in the wilderness, only the strongest of mind, body and spirit survive.

Come and join us on 29th September on Hampstead Heath for the first chapter of the Wild Heath Game.
All proceeds going to Childs Play: a charity that provides toys to disadvantaged children in hospitals.
Tickets will cost eight of your Great British Pounds Sterling and be on sale soon.

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