Child's Play - Classy’s 24 hour marathon!
Child's Play - Collection vs. Fayyt
Child's Play - Omnithon - Valve
Child's Play - Best of PS4 Marathon
Child's Play - Halo 1-4 Playthough
Child's Play - Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza!
Child's Play - Parkitechs 24hr livestream
Child's Play - Valhalla Charity Stream
Child's Play - Zelda for Eternity V
Child's Play - Operation Playtime
Child's Play - The Mathas Community Play Date
Child's Play - 48 Hour HEX Charity Stream
Child's Play - Superhero Marathon
Child's Play - Summethon
Child's Play - 3 Day Stream - Dutch Record
Child's Play - Power Up for Child’s Play
Child's Play - Miracle Gears
Child's Play - 4DaKidz- TF2 48 Hour Live-Stream
Child's Play - 24hr Charity Livestream
Child's Play - Destiny Beta 24 hr Marathon
Child's Play - Summer of Doom
Child's Play - NHL LOCK-IN 2014
Child's Play - The Sonic-A-Thon
Child's Play - Rebel II
Child's Play - Fated Team PAYDAY Live Stream
Child's Play - Survivalthon
Child's Play - Ruin Raiders Live Stream Event
Child's Play - Wiithon
Child's Play - Corey’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser
Child's Play - TFTools 12 Hour Charity Stream
Child's Play - Treasure Valley 24hr Stream
Child's Play - 24hr Gaming Charity Stream
Child's Play - My Birthday Livestream
Child's Play - Chaos Marathon
Child's Play - IIDX for Charity
Child's Play - Child’s Play 12 Hour Fundraiser
Child's Play - Malfunct’s Birthday Marathon
Child's Play - AnimeNEXT Charity Auction
Child's Play - Down By The Stream C.P. Stream
Child's Play - 24-Hour Live Twitch Stream
Child's Play - SpeedStreamers
Child's Play - 3rd Annual 24 HOUR GAMEATHON
Child's Play - 24 Hour LAN of Legends
Child's Play - CC4C 24 Hour 2nd Annual
Child's Play - Sun Run 2014
Child's Play - The 64 Hour Shutdown
Child's Play - MattShea369’s Livestream
Child's Play - 24 Hour Gaming Live Stream!
Child's Play - Child’s Play 24H Stream
Child's Play - Geek Out Day
Child's Play - 12 Hour Minecraft Livestream
Child's Play - Sonic 06’ for Charity!
Child's Play - FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2014 Opening Run
Child's Play - Basto’s 24h livestream!
Child's Play - HilltopBallas 10 Hour Marathon
Child's Play - Minecraft Charity Event
Child's Play - Cleveland ConCoction 2014
Child's Play - Mario Marathon 7
Child's Play - Halifax Megamanathon 3
Child's Play - Path of Exile Two Week Event
Child's Play - 12 Hour Minecraft Stream
Child's Play - The Gauntlet Tournament
Child's Play - GuruGamers 24H Live Stream
Child's Play - Child’s Play Trivia Australia
Child's Play - Smash Charity Bash
Child's Play - Charity PokeStream
Child's Play - Painful Games Done Slowly
Child's Play - Gamers Help
Child's Play - Project5K Part 2
Child's Play - Strife for Children
Child's Play - 24 Hour Charity Game Speed Run
Child's Play - GameOn4Charity 36 Hour Stream
Child's Play - 24-48 Hour Stream for Charity
Child's Play - XUCP’s Annual Gaming Marathon
Child's Play - Gamers Give Back
Child's Play - Second Annual Child’s Play Marathon
Child's Play - Fliptriq’s WoW Marathon
Child's Play - CHIBI Child’s Play Fundraiser
Child's Play - Child’s Play Charity LAN
Child's Play - NHS eSports Invitational
Child's Play - Game-a-Thoners Event #2
Child's Play - Big Fun for Hope Telethon
Child's Play - Kent State CGSA Bake Sale
Child's Play - ‘NotAGame’ Album Launch
Child's Play - Game On Marathon II
Child's Play - SGC Gaming for Charity @ UIUC
Child's Play - Nutter’s Gameathon
Child's Play - VGPC Charity Stream
Child's Play - The Gearbox Union Con-Quest
Child's Play - King of Kong Screening
Child's Play - Jetstream
Child's Play - WCCC 24hr Gaming Marathon
Child's Play - The Epic 24 Hour Marathon 3
Child's Play - 12 Hour Gaming Marathon
Child's Play - FeedTheBeast-athon
Child's Play - 24 Hour Super Mariothon
Child's Play - Quake-A-Thon
Child's Play - 2Guys And A Steam
Child's Play - Child’s Play Fundraiser

Events Calendar

Team Bellend’s 24 Hour Stream!

Jul 31 @ 4:00pm - Aug 1 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Team Bellend are doing a 24 hour Livestream in support of Child’s Play from Thursday 31st July @ 4:20pm and finishes at Friday 1st August @ 4:20pm. Within these 24 hours we are going to try and raise at least £100 for Child’s Play.

Within the 24 Hours we will mostly be playing multiplayer games and we’ll also be using the dreaded Steam Roulette to pick the games during the night. We plan to have no long breaks. Although we have allocated 10 minutes for each hour if needed.

Classy’s 24 hour marathon!

Aug 1 @ 8:00am - Aug 2 @ 8:00am

Event Description

ClassyNation will be hosting a 24 hour live stream! This live stream will consist of classy continuing his quest to 100 games beaten by the end of 2014! Hop in for some single player raging and multiplayer madness! All for a good cause!

Collection vs. Fayyt

Jul 19 @ 8:00am - Jul 20 @ 8:00am

Event Description

Hey everyone.

I have a large gaming collection, so much so that I am locked in a constant battle with trying to finish it (which I no longer know is even possible). I decided that any day my body was ready for the challenge, I would tackle chunks of it at a time and stream it. I then figured if i’m streaming, I might as well do it for charity!

Please come watch the event, and if you feel so inclined, throw a few dollars towards the charity!

I will be playing from my pool of games, and trying to stay on only a few titles at a time, however should anyone donate 20$ or more, they can make a request for me to play 2 hours of any of the titles I own.

I can stream any of the following titles (plus any free2play game you can think of) on xbox 360, ps3, or pc from this doc:

Thanks for your time, hope to see you in the stream!

For more information:

Omnithon - Valve

Jul 25 @ 1:00pm - Jul 27 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Omnithon’s back for our eleventh event, this time playing through Valve’s catalog of hits.

We’ll be playing through Half Life 2 and its episodes, the Left 4 Dead titles, the Portals, a bit of Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike, and of course, some Ricochet. If we reach our donation goal, we’ll even make our way through the original Half Life!

As is standard for our events, donating can get you a close up view of one of us doing the cinnamon challenge or eating a habanero pepper, so be sure to tune in or you’ll miss some good suffering.

We hope to see you at on the weekend of July 25th!

Best of PS4 Marathon

Aug 12 @ 6:00pm - Aug 13 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

I’ll be playing through the best PS4 games for 24 hours straight!

Halo 1-4 Playthough

Nov 13 @ 5:00pm - Nov 14 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

I have always been a big fan of the Halo series, and now with the re-mastered versions I want to get back into that universe with a bang!

On the night of the Master Chief Collection release three friends and I will be starting with Halo Combat Evolved and won’t stop playing until the end of Halo 4, this is of course all in aid of charity, and to show new and old the wonders of the Halo universe :)

Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza!

Jul 26 @ 12:00am - Jul 27 @ 12:00am

Event Description

You might not know me, but my name is Hooper! I record myself playing games online! Crazy right?

Alright, let’s get serious for a minute here. I’ve been watching quite a number of YouTubers lately, and they all have done some sort of charity livestream before. And you know what? It’s inspired me to do my own. But that’s not the only reason. I’ve been to hospitals quite a few times, and I do think about this: what do these kids have to do all day? I’m sure most of them would want to be anywhere but here. Child’s Play is here to help, and I’m here to help them help others! Make sense right?

So what will I be doing to help? I’ll be hosting a full, non-stop 24 hour livestream! I’ll be playing games, playing games with friends, and just generally being a total goofball for 24 hours straight! I’ll be playing games from Outlast, to Garry’s Mod, to Dark Souls, to Wildstar! Basically, just anything that seems interesting at the time!

I’m really, really excited for to do this, and I hope you guys are too! So join me and my friends for Saturday, July 26-27th at 12:00 PM CST for Hooper’s 24-hour Extravaganza! See you there!

Parkitechs 24hr livestream

Jul 18 @ 11:30am - Jul 19 @ 1:30pm

Event Description

A 24 hour twitch livestream on our twitch channel:  of our minecraft server, , (a 1:1 scale replica of Walt Disney World, Florida) where we will be opening new attractions, running new shows and much more! Donate to see more awesome things during the livestream!

Valhalla Charity Stream

Jul 12 @ 4:00am - Jul 12 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

The guys from the Valhalla Minecraft SMP Server plan to do an 18 hour stream in order to gain funds for the Child’s Play Program! We will play on our SMP Server and also on games such as CS:GO. We will have a blast together and we hope you come along!

*Stream times are located on our website!

Zelda for Eternity V

Jul 29 @ 3:00pm - Aug 4 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Zelda for Eternity is an annual video game marathon put on by Zelda fan site Zelda Eternity. Every year, our community comes together to stream days of non-stop Zelda to benefit Child’s Play Charity. Returning for its landmark fifth year, Zelda for Eternity will embark on a quest to complete 13 Legend of Zelda titles and raise record amounts for hospitalized children everywhere!

Operation Playtime

Jul 26 @ 12:00pm - Jul 27 @ 12:00am

Event Description

In this event, I will be attempting to raise $500 for child’s play by playing some popular games and doing some hilarious stuff on camera. Games may include: Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Outlast, Terraria, and Warframe! There will be special guests from my second channel that’s currently in development as well as a possibility of a group of friends later on in the night!

For more information:

The Mathas Community Play Date

Aug 9 @ 12:00pm - Aug 10 @ 12:00am

Event Description

An event where my YouTube community can come together, play games, and donate to an excellent cause.

48 Hour HEX Charity Stream

Aug 1 @ 12:00am - Aug 3 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Infam0usne0 and Cirouss will be hosting a 48 stream marathon for charity!

We will be streaming HEX: Shards of Fate an upcomming digital trading card game.
There will be many HEX events and giveaways over the duration of the stream.

Come and help out a great cause!

Superhero Marathon

Jul 11 @ 12:00pm - Jul 14 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We at Rated M for Marathon our proud to announce that our eighth marathon will cover Super Hero games! Over the course of 72 hours we will be playing through some of our favorite games featuring super heroes from over the years! The marathon will begin Friday, July 11th, at 12:00 pm CDT and will run through Monday July 14th at 12:00 pm CDT! We hope to see you all there!


Jul 3 @ 5:00pm - Jul 6 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

A casual/speedrunning marathon.

3 Day Stream - Dutch Record

Jul 10 @ 11:00am - Jul 13 @ 11:00am

Event Description

Hey there!

I am going to do a 3 day long stream, which will break the dutch record!

The stream will be in dutch only and i will attempt to raise 2500 Dollars!

Going to play tons of games, with lots of friends, and i hope you guys will give it a shot ^_^

Power Up for Child’s Play

Jul 11 @ 10:00am - Jul 11 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

We are doing a charity stream for twelve hours to raise money for Child’s Play. We will be playing primarily multi-player games such as Starwhal, Battleblock Theatre, Monaco, Diablo 3, and Smite. We also have some game codes to give out for people who donate at least a dollar. We are excited to do our first charity stream and are excited to be doing it with Child’s Play.

Miracle Gears

Jul 18 @ 10:00am - Jul 22 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Miracle Gears is targeting 100% of our funds raised to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Clinics in Minnesota.  We’re going to be playing all four Gears of War games, plus all the side missions (Road to Ruin, Raam’s Shadow, etc), all on Insane difficulty.  Marathon session.  This can only end well…

One of our members has a brother who spent time there in the summer of 2008, recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  During that time, his options between therapy sessions were very limited.  There were a few VCRs that were shared amongst the rooms in his wing, and the only movies they had were kids movies.  Now, we all love Toy Story 2 as much as anyone else, but you can only watch the same movie so many times before it becomes boring as all get out.  So that’s why we’re giving back.

We’re all really stoked about this, and ready to go.  We’re foregoing work, sleep, and sanity, to bring this event to you.  We can’t wait for July to come, so we can rev the Lancers and stomp some grubs!

4DaKidz- TF2 48 Hour Live-Stream

Sep 26 @ 4:00pm - Sep 28 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Trashed Gamers is a friendly and thriving TF2 community group, and It Burns When I PvP is a United Gaming Clans Highlander team. Together, we want to give back to our community in some way, and by sponsoring a live-stream for Child’s Play charity, we can help raise money for a cause that all gamers can relate to.

Our second-annual fund-raising event will be a 48 hour live-stream starting on September 26, 2014 at 7pm EST, and ending on September 28, at 7pm EST. The main events will be streamed on (

Our main charity page will have info on event sign-ups, schedule, prize-drawings, and giveaways! Make sure to join us for some of the best TF2 you’ll likely see! for more info.

24hr Charity Livestream

Jul 1 @ 10:00pm - Jul 2 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

24hr Charity Dual Livestream Celebration with Giveaways, viewer interaction and lots of fun.  ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO CHILD’S PLAY!

Destiny Beta 24 hr Marathon

Jul 17 @ 12:00pm - Jul 18 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Hello! I’m Joe but I’m known as “Space” amongst most of my friends. I’ve been wanting to do a charity event for a while, and Child’s Play really caught my eye. I thought that it would be great if I could use my love of games to bring joy into children’s lives. From July 17th to the 18th, I am hosting this 24 hour event to raise money for my state’s main Children’s Hospital. Please check the website for more info, hopefully you guys can all tune in.

Summer of Doom

Jul 19 @ 7:00pm - Jul 22 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

A team of students and lifelong gamers celebrate and marathon all three Doom games via livestream but can only continue as levels are purchased by Child’s Play donations.  Stop by our website and help us not only to make an entertaining show but to raise funds for a worthy cause.


Dec 5 @ 3:00pm - Dec 7 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

48 Hours of Simulated Sweat, Skates and Sleeplessness!

The 3rd Annual NHL LOCK-In will be a GRUELING full 82-game season, played between anywhere from 10-60 GM’s, and countless players ONLINE over the course of the 5-7th of December, 2014

THIS YEAR Also Boasts a new addition to the Schedule… the night of the 4th, the 1st ever NHL LOCK-IN DRAFT will be held. This year, you really DO control your team!

Team Registration Welcome, and still open! :)

The Sonic-A-Thon

Aug 4 @ 10:00am - Aug 18 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Hellfire Commentaries is joining forces with BrainScratchComms, HPAW and RespawnPoint to go fast for charity! Featuring over 40 games played across 14 days, the Sonic-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser yet, with the largest variety of commentators we’ve ever crammed together. Come join us at 6PM GMT each night for some speedy shenanigans!

Rebel II

Jun 28 @ 10:00am - Jun 29 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

FGCC - Fighting Game Club of Calgary and Super Smash Bros. University - Alberta’s University Club are partnering up to bring you a major fighting game tournament for a good cause!

Located at the University of Calgary in Calgary, AB, Canada, Rebel II will play host to some of western Canada’s top players in games such as Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl and Project M.

All door and raffle proceeds as well as any extra donations by spectators and sponsors will all go towards the Child’s Play Foundation!

Check the event page for stream details!

Fated Team PAYDAY Live Stream

Jul 5 @ 7:00pm - Jul 6 @ 7:00am

Event Description

Hello Child’s Play! My name is Thomas Saggers and I am happy to announce our second charity stream on with the Child’s Play Charity. Our last stream was successful and now we are doing it again with a higher set goal of $500!

Our last stream was incredibly fun and we were happy with it, and we hope to see even more people joining in and donating!

Link to our Twitch Channel:
Link to additional event information:

The Stream will take place during the following times:

Sunday, 6 July 2014 at 12:00:00 Noon AEST UTC+10 hours
Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 10:00:00 PM EDT UTC-4 hours
Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 7:00:00 PM PDT UTC-7 hours


Jun 24 @ 12:00pm - Jun 25 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

A 24-hour survival games marathon, this years goal is 100 wins.


Ruin Raiders Live Stream Event

Jun 27 @ 9:03am - Jun 29 @ 9:03am

Event Description Here is a video description of the video.

We are a small youtube group who play the game “Minecraft” on a server together named The Night Owl Server. On July 27 2014 at 8PM EST we are starting a 48 hour long charity live stream for Child’s Play. It will be a full 48 hours with NO break and we’d love to have as many people possible drop by, have some fun and support an AMAZING cause.

Thank you, Matt (GamingGrey) Wilson


Jul 11 @ 2:00pm - Jul 13 @ 9:00am

Event Description

The AllDayPlay/Magmathon team is back for its fourth weekend-long marathon! We’ll be playing through multiple Wii and Wii U games non-stop, with plenty of laughs and surprises in store. Wiithon kicks off at 5 PM EDT on July 11th; wii hope to see you there!

Corey’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser

Aug 23 @ 12:00am - Aug 23 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

I’m Corey and my Bar Mitzvah is 8/23/14.  I love to play all kinds of games but video games are my favorite.  For my Mitzvah project, I am asking my friends to please make a donation to Child’s Play instead of giving me a gift. 

Your gift will be used to buy new games to be donated to hospitals around the country. There are lots of sick kids in hospitals who would love to have a game to play with to make them feel better and not so scared.  Donations will be accepted from July 1st to September 1st.

Thank you for your generosity!

TFTools 12 Hour Charity Stream

Jul 12 @ 12:00pm - Jul 13 @ 12:00am

Event Description

TFTools will be hosting a 12 hour livestream on their Twitch page, playing Team Fortress 2 and other games with fans and special guests. There will be various events, giveaways and raffles for viewers to participate in.

Treasure Valley 24hr Stream

Jul 11 @ 5:00pm - Jul 13 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Treasure Valley League is a local group of League of Legends players. We have had a few meetups and even our first successful LAN recently. We want to keep the community and excited till our next event. Us admins decided it would be a wonderful thing to make us stay 24-48 hours while people donate for charity. Members will be be playing in the “in house” games while we stream it and cast it live. We are not looking for any profit whatsoever. There is the twitch link in the event info section. Here is also our website

24hr Gaming Charity Stream

Jun 19 @ 3:00pm - Jun 20 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

24 hour live stream on twitch to support Child’s Play. The gamers in the live stream playing are Paulo Consiglio, Lewis Trinidad, and Nick Castagna. Nick will be streaming on a separate twitch stream and you can find him at We will be playing League of Legends, Battleblock Theater, Runescape 2007, White Noise Online, and Left 4 Dead 2.

My Birthday Livestream

Jul 3 @ 11:00am - Jul 4 @ 11:59am

Event Description

I’m going to be livestreaming me and my friends at we’re going to be playing various video games and we like to make my special day even better by hosting a charity with you. My friends and I look forward to raising money for Childs play

Chaos Marathon

Jun 27 @ 9:00am - Jun 29 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

We’re holding a 60-hour marathon of Sonic the Hedgehog games! Streaming live from Twitch.Tv, we’ll also be interacting with viewers through their chat along with facebook (

Also: see for more information at the beginning of June.

IIDX for Charity

Jun 27 @ 5:00pm - Jun 29 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

A team of three players will be showcasing beatmaniaIIDX 21: SPADA for 48 hours, showing both the experienced players and newcomers what the hype is all about.

Beatmania, a rhythm game first released in 1997, is a DJ simulation game featuring a set of keys and a turntable with notes falling down the screen, which prompts the player to hit the keys and spin the turntable appropriately.

Stream will also feature a raffle that you will be automatically entered into if you donate more than a certain amount!

For more information regarding this event:

Child’s Play 12 Hour Fundraiser

Jun 13 @ 4:30pm - Jun 14 @ 4:30am

Event Description

Hello! I am an Australian 16 year old aiming to host my first fundraising event for Child’s Play! I’ll be playing Terraria, and maybe a few other games. I’d really appreciate it if you came out to watch, and we’ll all have a great time!

Malfunct’s Birthday Marathon

Jul 5 @ 12:00am - Jul 5 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

This is the second year Malfunct is giving his birthday to Child’s Play. 24 hour Minecraft marathon. This is your invitation to Malfunct’s birthday party and I know he hopes to see you there!

AnimeNEXT Charity Auction

Jun 7 @ 4:00pm - Jun 7 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Charity auction hosted by Jonathan Klein offers anime and comic pop culture items for auction to the highest bidder. Proceeds will benefit Child’s Play.

For more information on the AnimeNEXT Convention:

Down By The Stream C.P. Stream

Jul 13 @ 6:00pm - Jul 15 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

This is a broadcast on to raise money for the charity.

The goal is $150.00 and if that goal is met Strider white( Will do a Live Mix // Performance of EDM music!

.....and yes i am 14 years old! :D For the kids!

24-Hour Live Twitch Stream

Jun 14 @ 6:00am - Jun 15 @ 6:00am

Event Description

I will be participating in a 24-hour live Twitch stream in the hope of gaining donations to donate towards the Child’s Play charity.

This event will start from 1:00PM GMT on June, 7th 2014 to the following day of 1:00PM GMT on June, 8th 2014.

There will be Xbox/PC/Playstation giveaways during the day.


Jun 19 @ 8:00am - Jun 19 @ 9:30pm

Event Description

SpeedStreamers will be hosted for speed running and all the money we receive will be going directly to child’s play. It will be held at Gallowgate College Scotland Aberden in the South Block Lower Ground Canteen.

3rd Annual 24 HOUR GAMEATHON

Aug 15 @ 6:00pm - Aug 16 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

The teams of the 24 Hour GameAThon are opening their hearts and wallets for this worthy children’s charity. JOIN US as we will be playing games for 24 hours around the clock.

24 Hour LAN of Legends

Jul 11 @ 3:00pm - Jul 12 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Come watch our 24 hour livestream as we raise money for Child’s Play, all while having fun with games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Diablo 3! Throughout the event we will be giving out prizes; these can be anything from digital copies of games, Steam Wallet funds, Riot Points, shirts, hats, and even autographed character sketches from the game artists themselves!

Upon reaching progressive fundraising goals, we will be completely several challenges such as the cinnamon, bread, and milk challenges. It is sure to be a great time and for a great cause, so we hope that you can join us!

Stream Link:

CC4C 24 Hour 2nd Annual

Jun 28 @ 9:00am - Jun 29 @ 9:00am

Event Description

Coming back for our second year our team out of Salt Lake City will be playing various games for 24 hours to raise money for Child’s Play!

Sun Run 2014

Jun 21 @ 1:34pm - Jun 22 @ 8:38pm

Event Description

18 mile over night hike by scouts and explorer scouts from 12th Cambridge Scouts, setting off at sun set with the aim of completing the route before sun rise.

The 64 Hour Shutdown

Jun 27 @ 3:00pm - Jun 30 @ 7:00am

Event Description

Our challenge - DON’T PLAY ANY VIDEO GAMES FOR 64 HOURS! We will not be playing from 3pm on Friday June 27 and we won’t pick up the controller again until 7am Monday morning!

We don’t play so the kids can.

MattShea369’s Livestream

May 31 @ 12:30pm - Jun 1 @ 12:30pm

Event Description

Join me for 24 hours of video games and fundraising, featuring tons of special guests! I’ll also be getting some Steam codes from developers so that I can give them away to some lucky donors!


24 Hour Gaming Live Stream!

May 26 @ 10:00pm - May 27 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Join me and Kitty as we go on our quest to raise money for charity, watch as we slowly dip into insanity from loss of sleep as well as randomness with other random people.

Child’s Play 24H Stream

Jun 20 @ 7:00pm - Jun 21 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

A 24-hour long live stream in support of Child’s Play. Hosted by Kevin Martin and Griffin Wyatt of Galactic Gamers (, and a few more guest stars. The games will consist of what is requested by the audience.

Geek Out Day

Nov 15 @ 12:00pm - Nov 15 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Geek Out Day is a day to give back and celebrate all things geek. All are welcome, whether you’re a hardcore nerd or just want to embrace your inner geek for a day. For more information, like us on facebook at

Geek Out Day will take place in Sykes Ballroom on the campus of West Chester University. Money will be collected through a variety of activities being held at the event, including a 1.5-hour D&D Campaign written by the staff, a cosplay contest, a chance to challenge the WCU Pokemon League, a photo room with a green screen for adding custom backgrounds, and activity tables run by campus organizations.

Money will be charged for entrance to these activities. 100% of proceeds will go to Child’s Play.

12 Hour Minecraft Livestream

May 16 @ 1:00pm - May 17 @ 1:00am

Event Description

I will be livestreaming on playing some Minecraft (mostly) and whatever else is suggested I play. All for charity! Come join, have some fun, and donate to a great cause!

Sonic 06’ for Charity!

May 17 @ 6:00pm - May 18 @ 6:00am

Event Description

Me and my very good friend Connor Clark will be trading off the controls of this amazingly terrible game! We will have full HD Video and Audio along with our own commentary. For 12 whole hours we will suffer through this terrible game to raise money for a greater cause!

FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2014 Opening Run

Jun 14 @ 12:01am - Jun 15 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Participants sign up via Twitter or the official site and play Final Fantasy 5 with a limiting set of rules! Do it from your home or on the go with the mobile versions!

Basto’s 24h livestream!

May 31 @ 12:00pm - Jun 1 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

I will be playing with friends for a full 24 hours to raise money for the local children’s hospital in my area!  Be sure to check out my youtube channel for more details as the date arrives!

YouTube Channel:

HilltopBallas 10 Hour Marathon

May 9 @ 10:00pm - May 10 @ 8:00am

Event Description

We will be playing for 10 hours straight from 10 PM on Friday night till 8 AM Saturday morning. The games we are playing that may change are Grand Theft Auto Online, WWE 2K14, and whatever else we can think of. The stream will feature Zack Hatrick, Cameron Bays, Alex Wojtulski, and Ryan Tripi. Be there and please donate its for a great cause.

Minecraft Charity Event

May 14 @ 3:00pm - May 14 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

A Minecraft charity event hosted at Port Huron Northern High School in Port Huron, Michigan. Each participant will pay a five dollar entry fee in order to play and enjoy the festivities.

Cleveland ConCoction 2014

May 30 @ 12:00pm - Jun 1 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

We are NE Ohio’s new fan convention for all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cosplay, Gaming, Filk and fun. We are a local not-for-profit organization; run by the fans - for the fans!

Dates: May 30-June 1, 2014!!
Find us on Twitter: @CLE_ConCoction
Event Location: Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel (5300 Riverside Drive, Cleveland, OH 44135)

Guest of Honor: Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr.
Featured Guests:
Media: Santiago Cirilo
Artist: Heather Kreiter
Gaming: Sean Patrick Fannon
Filk: Mandala
Tonks and the Aurors
Wax Chaotic

Also don’t miss…...
-gaming with North Coast Gamers
-LARP with One World by Night
-Exhibit Hall
-Gaming Hall
-Masquerade Contest…. and so much more!!

We will be hosting a donation supported silent charity auction with proceeds benefiting Child’s Play in conjunction with our overall convention event!

Mario Marathon 7

Jun 20 @ 11:00am - Jun 24 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

The 7th annual Mario Marathon for Child’s Play Charity! Since 2008 Mario Marathon has raised over $420,000 for Child’s Play! Join us for another non-stop trek through the Mushroom Kingdom beginning June 20th, 2014.

Halifax Megamanathon 3

Jul 19 @ 11:00am - Jul 20 @ 4:00am

Event Description

Playing Megaman games 10 to 1 in an epic countdown to raise money for the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Official website is

The event will be streamed LIVE from the Last Game Store with facecam and live updates on donation totals.

Path of Exile Two Week Event

May 10 @ 1:00pm - May 24 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

Grinding Gear Games announced today that they are launching a two-week Path of Exile Ambush/Invasion race event to benefit the Child’s Play charity. The event will start at 1pm Pacific on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in the Path of Exile game and run till Saturday, May 24, 1pm Pacific.

Grinding Gear Games has created an exclusive new helmet skin call the Angelic Mask specifically for this charity event. The mask will cost $5.00 and only be available during the two week event with 100% of the proceeds being donated directly to the Child’s Play charity.

Participants during the event will be able to win great in-game prizes such as special micro-transactions as well as signed art from Path of Exile. Additionally, Grinding Gear Game’s partners such as NVIDIA and Razer have contributed an awesome array of keyboards, mice and graphic cards that will also be awarded to participants.  Grinding Gear Games will pick winners randomly from the participants whose characters reach the following levels or higher. Participants can win prizes from multiple tiers as their characters level up.

12 Hour Minecraft Stream

May 10 @ 12:01am - May 10 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

12hr Minecraft live-stream to support “The Child’s Play Charity” on Sat. May 10th from midnight-noon PST (3am-3pm EST) with 3 great GIVEAWAYS! Come support a great cause and possibly win yourself a prize! Donate here:

The Gauntlet Tournament

May 18 @ 3:00pm - May 18 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Who: 10 teams of 4 players from the gaming community in Seattle, WA

What: The Gauntlet Tournament is an invitation-only tournament consisting of five tabletop games from five different genres.

Where: Festivities will take place at 3pm at Card Kingdom in Ballard. 5105 Leary Ave NW Seattle WA 98107.

Why: 100% of proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play to assist in their efforts to improve the lives of hospitalized children with toys and games.

How: Donate at our portal, name your favorite team and help them during the competition!

GuruGamers 24H Live Stream

May 10 @ 5:00am - May 11 @ 5:00am

Event Description

A 24 hour stream of Hypixel Minigames on Minecraft, with multiple guest commentators and fun for all viewers!

More information:

Child’s Play Trivia Australia

Oct 29 @ 6:30pm - Oct 29 @ 10:30pm

Event Description

Who doesn’t want to get together, answer questions, play silly games, dress up in cosplay and WIN PRIZES, all to benefit Child’s Play, right?

Come along and take part in the first Child’s Play Trivia Australia event.


Games Laboratory
328 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How much?

$160 for a table of 8 people, or $25 per person

How many?

8 people per table, and we’ve room for 20 tables.

How do I get my ticket?

We’re working on it… :)

Should I know anything else?

Probably.  We’ll release more info, and even an FAQ, on the Facebook page.

Smash Charity Bash

May 22 @ 3:00pm - May 23 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

A charity event hosted by Delta Secondary for students involved with the Super Smash Bros. Melee club. We are doing a tournament via entry fees by donation.

Location: Delta Secondary School 4615 51st Street, Ladner, BC, V4K 2V8

Charity PokeStream

May 3 @ 10:00am - May 3 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

The Charity PokeStream will be a Twitch livestream of YouTube personality KeizaronGaming playing through Pokemon Crystal, with the hopes of not only beating the game in 12 hours or less, but raising at least $250 for Child’s Play while doing so.  Please join us in helping out some kids while living through the finest of nostalgia!

Painful Games Done Slowly

Aug 16 @ 12:00am - Aug 17 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Well join us in our 24hr online stream events, and if we can kidnap (re: invite) a few online gaming celebs we will!

There will be merriment and much difficult games, in fact we hope to have the event run on 3 streams simultaneously through Twitch, this is even will be called “Painful Games Done Slow”.

The first two stream will be live from out event with two very loud and annoying people being the shout casters (Us!) and narrating, while the third stream will be a Twitch Plays Pokemon like even and will be feature “Pokemon: Never Pleased Pikachu!” (Pokemon Yellow).

On top of being actively done in Twitch stream donations can be used for:

-hrs played
-games beaten (HA!)
-lives lost
-curse words said (Oh my word)
-controllers broken
-bonus stages reached (super secret cool stuff!)

Games we have so far:

-Demons/Dark Souls 1 and 2
-Super Meat Boy
-Ninja Gaiden
-I Wanna be the Guy

(this is known as a normal Friday for Sinblade723)

Gamers Help

May 15 @ 4:00am - May 15 @ 4:30pm

Event Description

Gamers Help is a charity event in Motherwell college to help raise money for the charity Child’s Play by playing games. We will be competing in Soul Calibur II on the Xbox 360 in room 3014, main building.

Project5K Part 2

Jun 3 @ 6:00pm - Jun 7 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Project 5K is the continuation from March. We earned $720 and will continue to reach our goal of $5,000.  We are going to be playing games like Sonic Generations, The Legend of Zelda- The Wind Waker, Pokemon Soul Silver, Call of Duty- Black Ops 2, Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee, New Super Mario Bros, Portal 2, The Legend of Zelda- Majora’s Mask, The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda- Skyward Sword, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Donate $30 and we will spin the wheel of torture.

Strife for Children

Apr 18 @ 3:00pm - Apr 19 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

I stream to support the children. I hope, I can give more donators. I will be playing Strife for the International audience.

If you are interested in joining the event and helping the cause, come to

24 Hour Charity Game Speed Run

Apr 19 @ 5:00pm - Apr 20 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Playing games in celebration for our 150 followers. <3 Thought we should do something meaningful and help a charity.

GameOn4Charity 36 Hour Stream

Aug 1 @ 2:00pm - Aug 3 @ 2:00am

Event Description

The Blue Sky Eagles clan will be playing multiple games, from big blockbuster fps games to new and intriguing indie games. Come join us live on Friday August 1st at 9PM (GMT) for the start of the livestream which will last 36 Hours.

4 Main Members, 36 Hours, how will this pan out?

Make sure to donate using the link in the bio in order to be entered into the prize draws. Prizes are provided by our sponsors.

To join in simply head over to our livestream channel:

24-48 Hour Stream for Charity

Apr 18 @ 2:00pm - Apr 20 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Several games will be played.

**Please note**

This livestream is English or Danish, but every civilized viewer is welcome.

There will be breaks when I go eat food, I will try play some music in that time or let someone cover for me :-)

Livestream-Channel where this event takes place:

XUCP’s Annual Gaming Marathon

Apr 26 @ 6:00pm - Apr 27 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Where: Xavier University O’Connor Sports Center, 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Cost: $5 per person

To enter into a tournament for the announced games (League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., etc.), email [email protected]

$10 per LoL team

Raffle tickets will range from $1-5.

This marathon will raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital through Child’s Play Charity which provides games, toys, and items for children at the hospital. These items help to distract the kids from painful treatments and give them a sense of a normalcy for those staying long term at the hospital.

Please make an effort to swing by, even for a little! We will be updating this page frequently as we receive donations, raffle prizes, food vendors, and more! Check by frequently to see what will be offered at the event!

Curious what prizes you can win at this year’s marathon raffle? Here’s a list of the FANTASTIC prizes we’ve got in store for you. Keep in mind, THERE ARE MANY MORE TO COME!

- 2 Tickets to Walt Disney World (Single Park)
- 2 Tickets to a Cincinnati Red’s game
- 2 Tickets to King’s Island
- Autographed football from Cleveland Brown’s Quarterback, Brandon Weeden
- Event T-shirts
- Variety of steam keys
- More to come!

The winning team of the League of Legends tournament will earn half of the total entry money. The other half will go towards Child’s Play. Be sure to check our Facebook page to stay up to date.

Gamers Give Back

May 3 @ 10:00am - May 4 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Come out for 24 hours of tournament fun including Magic, League of Legends, Pokemon, and HeroClix!

We will once again be having a silent auction where you’ll be able to bid on donated items from local business with all proceeds going to Child’s Play!

An addition to this year’s event will be a Star Wars art show where local artists will be auctioning off their Star Wars inspired artwork!

For more information about the individual events (including start times and entry fees), please visit:

Second Annual Child’s Play Marathon

May 17 @ 8:00am - May 18 @ 8:00am

Event Description

We’ll be playing and streaming various games (mainly Blizzard games) playing with/against friends and viewers.

Fliptriq’s WoW Marathon

Apr 30 @ 12:00am - May 1 @ 12:00am

Event Description

In honor of the Children’s Week event in World of Warcraft, I will be hosting a 24 hour marathon for Child’s Play. 

During the event I will be hosting various events including:

Transmog Contest
PvP Dueling Tournament
and much more!

Viewers of the stream are welcome to join any or all of the events throughout the day.

There will be various prizes given out throughout the event to viewers as well.

Follow me on (@Fliptriq) for updates throughout the day.
Stream URL:

CHIBI Child’s Play Fundraiser

May 9 @ 5:00pm - May 10 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We will be playing MULTIPLE games like MINECRAFT, LOL, MARIO, and MANY MORE!

Come watch us play, laugh, and have fun while we support a great cause!

For more information:

Child’s Play Charity LAN

Apr 11 @ 8:00pm - Apr 13 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

We will be setting up a 48-hour LAN-party on Hönö, in Sweden. We will be streaming the entire event through Twitch. Tournaments will be held as well.

All the money we make from seat booking fines, snack sales and so on will be donated directly to Child’s Play Charity.

It will be possible to donate to Child’s Play directly through the stream as well.

NHS eSports Invitational

Apr 11 @ 6:00am - Apr 11 @ 7:30pm

Event Description

We are inviting neighboring schools to this event and hosting a LAN tournament. I personally want to thank Child’s Play, not just for the work they do with the children, but for allowing us to branch out and usher in this new wave of technology and video games.

There is going to be an entry fee, plus a dinner with $5 per plate. The entry fee is $20 per team.

Location: Northview High School - 3209 Reeves Street Dothan, AL 36303

Game-a-Thoners Event #2

Apr 26 @ 4:00pm - Apr 27 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

This is our 2nd charity event! Our first one raised about $2000 and this one will be even bigger!

We are raising money for Children’s Hospital of Michigan and we have our goal set for $5000!!

Join us, have fun, win prizes and help raise money for kids in our 24-hour charity livestream!

Big Fun for Hope Telethon

Apr 25 @ 2:00pm - Apr 25 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

The Big Fun for Hope Telethon is a charity event run by Cape Cod teenagers that will raise money for Child’s Play Charity, with music, comedy, art, and other great entertainment!

Stream Page:
Donation Page: or
Promotional Video:
Email: [email protected]

Kent State CGSA Bake Sale

Apr 7 @ 11:00am - Apr 9 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Come support Child’s Play Charity by buying some delicious baked goods made by members of Kent State University’s CGSA (Communication Graduate Student Association)! We will be selling baked good from 11 AM-4 PM in the hallway of Taylor Hall, outside of the main Communication Studies office, on the first floor.

‘NotAGame’ Album Launch

Apr 19 @ 12:00am - Apr 19 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

‘The NotAGame Collection’ - a selection of original video game music inspired by the best video game soundtracks - launches on Bandcamp in support of CPCharity. Head over the the FB site, or follow @simondavidvgm to find out more!

Game On Marathon II

Jul 23 @ 2:00pm - Jul 27 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

We got such great reception from you guys last year, how could we not hold another Game On Marathon. We are stepping up our game, and have something truly special in store for you guys. Keep current with us by checking out, and

SGC Gaming for Charity @ UIUC

Apr 12 @ 12:00am - Apr 12 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

The Social Gaming Club at the University of Illinois will be hosting a 24-hour live stream showcasing its members playing through a variety of games while asking for donations.

Nutter’s Gameathon

Apr 8 @ 11:30am - Apr 10 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Welcome to Nutter’s Gameathon!

This is the event where myself, and my four co-hosts, stream five games LIVE on in hope to raise money and awareness for Child’s Play.

The games we will be streaming are:
Planetside 2
War Thunder
Minigames on Minecraft (@
Civilization V

Playing these games allow for the community to join in with us and hopefully allow for an increase in stream views as well as awareness and donations to Child’s Play.

We hope you can all come and join us in our attempt to help those children in need.

- Nutter


Stream times: 8th-10th April @ 11:30AM - 5:00PM GMT


11:30-12:30 -  PLANETSIDE 2
12:30-1:00   -  30 MINUTE BREAK
1:00-2:00   -  LOADOUT
3:00-4:00   -  WAR THUNDER
4:00-5:00   -  CIVILIZATION V

Please note that there will be a small interval between each game in order to prepare for the next one.

For more details:

VGPC Charity Stream

Apr 5 @ 10:00am - Apr 6 @ 10:00am

Event Description

College of the Canyon’s Video Game Programming Club is having a 24 hour live stream. The purpose of this event is to raise money for Child’s Play while our club members get to have fun playing games.

For more information on the COC Video Game Programming Club and its event:

The Gearbox Union Con-Quest

Jun 26 @ 11:00am - Jun 30 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

We’re back at the Sci-Fi Valley Con and bigger then ever, bringing to you a most epic charity adventure for you to undertake while at the convention!

For a $5 donation to the Child’s Play Charity, you’ll receive five raffle tickets for the fabulous prizes available along with a ‘quest log’ card. On the card is a list of other participating tables at the convention, each of which will reward you for visiting their table and completing their task. For each quest completed, upon returning to our table you’ll receive one additional raffle ticket to win even more prizes!

You can start your heroic journey at the Gearbox Union Mega Table, L5-L7 on the lower floor.

So pull on your adventuring gear and get ready to quest for a good cause!

King of Kong Screening

Apr 27 @ 2:00pm - Apr 27 @ 5:00pm

Event Description


One of the most popular gaming documentaries ever, on the big screen. Join us to watch this cult favourite at The Backlot Studios in Southbank, followed by a big-screen tournament to crown Melbourne’s very own King of Kong!  $20 per ticket, includes popcorn or softdrink of your choice.

After the movie, stick around for some old-school NES gaming on a cinema-sized screen with great prizes up for grabs!!


Apr 6 @ 4:00pm - Apr 7 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

A 24 hr livestream for charity streamed by a few friends.

WCCC 24hr Gaming Marathon

Apr 4 @ 6:00pm - Apr 5 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Westmoreland County Community College Gaming Club will be hosting a 24hr gaming marathon. We will be playing many different types of games such as League of Legends. We will be streaming the event on our Twitch account “WCCCGAMES”. We plan to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Child’s Play Charity.

The Epic 24 Hour Marathon 3

Apr 11 @ 12:00pm - Apr 12 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Join us in the 3rd year of the Epic Marathon as we tackle all of your favorite games, all day (and night) long!
The stream will be on Twitch.TV, at the URL:

12 Hour Gaming Marathon

Mar 28 @ 3:00pm - Mar 29 @ 3:00am

Event Description

I will be playing games non-stop for 12 hours promoting the Child’s Play Organization!


Mar 29 @ 8:00pm - Mar 30 @ 1:00am

Event Description

I will be playing FTB and streaming on My channel on Twitch is tgash22. The IP of the FTB server will be posted in the description of the stream if you wish to join. Come and watch if you’ve got time!

24 Hour Super Mariothon

Mar 29 @ 12:00am - Mar 30 @ 12:00am

Event Description

A group of Nintendo fans are playing as many Mario games as they can live on Twitch.


Apr 20 @ 12:00pm - Apr 24 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Playing the main Quake games one after the other with no breaks in and with some co-op aswell. it should take about 3-5 days but not sure of entire length. it will be streamed via Ustream
a repeat event from last year, hoping to have more guests and donations this year.
Donation widget

2Guys And A Steam

Mar 18 @ 12:00pm - Mar 21 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We will be playing a variety of games (Diablo 3, Smite, Arma3: Breaking Point Mod, Warframe, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, Dota2, Loadout, etc) and having fun while raising awareness and money for charity.

Watch and laugh along as we stumble our ways through some of everyone’s favorite games to play.Don’t be shy to say “Hi” we encourage it. Let’s help raise that money for a good cause.

Child’s Play Fundraiser

Mar 17 @ 12:01am - Mar 20 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Join PSHomeGazette as we hold our 3rd Annual month long Child’s Play Fundraiser.