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Xtreme Xbox Xtravaganza

Dec 28 @ 3:00pm - Dec 31 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Hi everybody! I along with 7 of my friends will be playing through a grand total of 22 Xbox 360 games in only 72 hours. The games go all the way from the 360’s launch (Kameo) to the latest and greatest (Halo 4). Other highlights include both Batman games, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 1, and a marathon within a marathon as I attempt to beat Star Ocean: The Last Hope on the hardest difficulty in one sitting (8+ hours).

But it wouldn’t be a marathon without an awesome cause, so we’re going to try and raise as much as we can for Child’s Play. We have a bunch of donation incentives for you all (including a video game character tournament), and we’re going to make this event as fun as possible! So get your computer screens ready for December 28th, starting at 4:00 PM EST. Check out our website at the top for full details about the 8 of us playing and commentating as well as the complete list of games! Get hyped!!!