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$2.9 million raised in 2012!

We’ve tallied the numbers, checked and double checked and have very exciting news - not only has the goal been passed, it’s been absolutely blown away. The gaming community has now raised $2.9 million for our network of hospitals in 2012!

Child's Play Dinner Auction 2012
The 2012 Child’s Play Dinner Auction was held on Thursday and everyone showed up looking fantastic and ready to bid. And bid they did - by the end of the night, $270,000 was raised to contribute to that incredible annual total. Generous studios, artists, and individuals contributed a collection of unique experiences and items that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Thank you to the auction item donors, the wonderful bidders, our hosts Mike and Jerry, the Enforcers - it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We frequently hear from parents, families, and doctors about the impact that these donations make. Karen M. wrote us last year just after receiving a shipment of gifts:

“I am the manager of the child life department at Dayton Children’s and I want to thank Child’s Play charity for the generous donation that we just received.  Yesterday, I was called to come to our central distribution area because I had received a ‘donation of toys’.  Imagine my surprise when I realized our donation was Xbox video game systems, DVD’s, iPod touches and iPads for our patients to use.
We treat a variety of patients ranging in age from birth through 21 years and we strive to make the hospital experience as positive as possible.  Children and teens are connected to the electronic world through the internet or video gaming.  When I tell them that we have video games for patients to play you can visibly see them relax.  Parents are relieved to know that we can provide something familiar and comforting for their child during a stressful time in their lives.
Thank you, Child’s Play and all of the gamers that support your organization.  You truly are making a difference in the lives of hospitalized children.  Keep up the good work!”

Karen M.
Child Life Manager
The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton