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Dinner Auction & MAKE Video

We are proud to announce that the Annual Child’s Play Dinner Auction was an astounding success, raising $351,000 in a single night! It’s still sinking in for us! We deeply appreciate the support we received from our attendees, bidders, item donors, Enforcers, and table sponsors; you all came together in an incredible way for the kids. Thank you.

For those who attended the dinner auction, check out to view the lovely photobooth photos provided by Dabe Alan Photography. We’ll be continuing to update the Flickr with auction photos as well, so keep an eye out.

Are you sitting down? Take a seat, we’ll wait. Now, check out this absolutely mind-blowing animation created by MAKE Studios for Child’s Play.

Right? Feel free to watch it a few times, we know we did. It literally just showed up, unsolicited, in our inbox one day! Thank you MAKE for such amazing work!