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June Fundraiser Spotlight: Humble Bundle!

Here at Child’s Play, we often talk about the incredible community that supports us and how much it means to the cause. Fundraising comes in many forms, and this month we’d like to recognize the incredible organization of the Humble Bundle.

The Humble Bundle packages indie games into one collection, allowing the buyer to not only choose how much they want to pay, but also who they want the money to goto. Since 2010, Child’s Play has been honored to participate in the fundraiser, and incredibly enough, the fifth iteration, Humble Bundle V, has just hit the $3 million mark. The support provided by the Humble Bundle team and theircontributors makes a huge impact on our network of hospitals, and in turn, the lives of thousands of kids across the

We recently visited one of our partner facilities to see some of the impact provided by donation like the Humble Bundle. We were able to see a number of kids who had been positively impacted by your donations, includeding a young man named Stanley.

Stanley is severly autistic and mostly non-verbal; he is prone to outbursts and seizures.Stanley uses an iPad that the facility received from Child’s Play for many purposes: Adaptive software provides him with communication tools to speak for him, movies allow him to be educated and entertained, and a touchscreen enables him to interact
and play without struggle.

Most incredibly, Stanley has used his iPad to learn to play the piano. To an assembly of over 200 people, Stanley played “How to Save a Life” so beautifully that many of the guests were moved to tears. Donations made through Child’s Play make a huge impact in the lives of children like Stanley and many others in hospitals and care facilties around the world, and it’s all thanks to you.

From all of us at Child’s Play, thank you to the Humble Bundle staff, participating developers, and bundle purchasers.