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Striking Distance!

With the annual Child’s Play dinner auction setting new records last week, we are so very close to filling up the 2011 charity bar, with a total so far of $1,950,000! Incredible! Thank you so much to all who have supported the drive this year.

We’re often asked which of our partner hospitals could use some extra support.  This week, we’re honored to introduce you to The Nebraska Medical Center. This facility is the largest healthcare center in the state, and the teaching hospital for Nebraska State University. They treated nearly half a million patients last year, many of whom were coming in to the hospital’s noted pediatric organ transplant program.  It doesn’t take a huge donation to help these patients! A single game or book from Nebraska Medical’s wish list will be enjoyed by hundreds of children, and make a huge difference for them. Please consider The Nebraska Medical Center for a donation this week through Child’s Play!

Nebraska Medical Center