Single Donation

Contribute by donating once.

Monthly Donation

You can set up a recurring, monthly donation.

Amazon Wishlists

Contribute directly by choosing a location on our map and donating an item requested by that facility or hospital.


100% of the proceeds from product sales go directly to Child’s Play Charity.

Wishlist Map

Find donation requests from hospitals and facilities in our network. You can donate items directly by purchasing from their wishlists. We now support over 190+ hospitals worldwide!

Corporate Sponsorships

There are many ways your company can raise funds and awareness for Child’s Play Charity. Whether that is attending our annual dinner auction, an in-kind donation of goods, or a program more tailored that meets your business goals while raising funds to support our mission. We can create unique opportunities together.

Contact us to connect with our team and learn more about all of our corporate giving programs.