Game Show Marathon 8


For the past 7 years, Cory Anotado, Bob Hagh and Christian Carrion have presented the 24-Hour Game Show Marathon, featuring 24 different game show formats in a daylong continuous charity broadcast. The 24-Hour Game Show Marathon live stream has been available for viewing at, where viewers were able to tweet and chat with the in-studio guests in real time. Throughout the show, donations will be accepted on behalf of Child’s Play, in an effort to reach a donation goal of $2,500. The marathon schedule will consist of one game each hour, for 24 hours. Games that have been played during the show have included well-known American formats like Concentration, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, as well as classic British quiz shows such as Countdown, Bob’s Full House and Taskmaster. Every show in the broadcast will feature Cory, Bob, Rich and Christian as a host, contestant or panelist.