Mass Effect Marathon 2.5 - Part 2


To celebrate the release of Mass Effect 3 and the end of Commander Shepard's epic journey across the galaxy, the Mass Effect Marathon team is proud to be bringing viewers a live play through of Mass Effect 3 for everyone to enjoy. The event will be broken up into three Saturdays in May, allowing people to watch as little or as much of the play through as they want. Viewers and fans will also have the choice of determining whether we continue the story of our Male Shepard from MEM1 or our Female Shepard from MEM2. In addition there will be polls determining class, alignment and much more! As always, the Mass Effect Marathon team will be on hand to interact with you in chat, play multiplayer games of Mass Effect 3, and perform various challenges in return for donations to Child's Play Charity. We are willing to sing, dance and generally embarrass ourselves for your entertainment! Oh yeah, and you can win prizes by donating and watching!