Min Max Mankind D&D Stream



Our fellow D&D broadcasters Lawful Stupid have nominated us to take part in their annual 'Min Max Mankind' charity drive during the month of May and we're going to try and do our bit to both raise awareness and donations towards the Child's Play Charity. During our twitch live streams throughout May, we will each do a D20 (20 sided dice roll) "Roll For Humanity" and that amount is how much we will personally give to Child's Play at the end of our game. We will also be encouraging our followers/viewers to do the same and will provide our donation link for them to use in the live chat and also on our various social media pages (facebook, twitter etc). So, why not join us in taking part and Roll For Humanity! Get a D20, throw it down and donate the resulting amount to Child's Play (using a credit card or PayPal) via our Tiltify link: https://tiltify.com/@misfits-monsters/minmaxmankind