October Swear Jar



In every stream I run in the month of October I will be keeping a swear jar in my stream. For every swear word I use, I have to donate $1 to Child's Play Along with my donation, I'll be adding a multiplier system. If someone donates any amount of money over $2 it will add a multiplier to my swear jar for 10 minutes. So if someone donates $5, it adds a 5x multiplier to my swear jar, so I'd have to donate $5 for 1 swear word. If someone else donates $10, it resets the timer to 10 minutes and makes it a 10x multiplier. All donations during the month of October would go to Child's Play, and (depending on the amount in the Swear Jar) I would be giving my donation on October 31st. If there's too much in the swear jar I would spread the amount across multiple donations over a few months.