Child's Play - Noles Play for Child’s Play
Child's Play - MUG Presents: Game on 8!
Child's Play - Columbus Glitchbus
Child's Play - WoW PvP For Children
Child's Play - RivGaming Charity Livestream
Child's Play - SorensBlade Streams
Child's Play - Marlos at Breakout Con 2019
Child's Play - Squirrels For Charity
Child's Play - Nothin’ But Sonic & Mario
Child's Play - Gaming4Kids
Child's Play - 2Bit’s 24-Hour Charity Stream
Child's Play - NWR Charity Livestream
Child's Play - Epic Win(ter) Gaming Event
Child's Play - Marathon Anthem Stream
Child's Play - New Year’s Extravaganza
Child's Play - Christmas Dr Awesome
Child's Play - NucleoNick’s Christmas Livestream
Child's Play - Glu Toronto’s Super Smash Bro.
Child's Play - Holiday 12 Hour Stream-a-thon
Child's Play - Epic Win(ter) Gaming Event
Child's Play - NWOSU 24Hr Charity Livestream
Child's Play - R3d’s Annual CPC Stream Event
Child's Play - Christmas Live Streams 2018
Child's Play - Aid The Kids Adventure!
Child's Play - Child’s Play Charity Stream
Child's Play - JCU Gaming Club Charity Stream
Child's Play - Spyro Saves The Baby Dragons
Child's Play - Metal Gear Marathon 2018
Child's Play - Villain For A Cause, Year 2
Child's Play - FragForce Dublin FY19Q4 Event
Child's Play - Sentinels 4th Anniversary!
Child's Play - gingerbread apocalypse
Child's Play - 40k ITC Toy Drive/Fundraiser
Child's Play - 24H Charity Stream
Child's Play - Dragon-Fall 2018
Child's Play - Child’s Play 24 Hour Charity
Child's Play - Crypto eSports Charity Stream
Child's Play - October Swear Jar
Child's Play - SNES Classics Marathon
Child's Play - Weary’s Quest For The Kids
Child's Play - Big Indie Blast 2018
Child's Play - Nicks 20k Charity Stream
Child's Play - Azure Summer Fest
Child's Play - #karaokeforcharity
Child's Play - MTG Arena - Elder Dragon Race
Child's Play - Multiplayer Mayhem
Child's Play - Mike’s Birthday fundraiser
Child's Play - Child’s Play Charity Stream
Child's Play - Childs Week Stream
Child's Play - GaminForCharity Marathon
Child's Play - RichJMoney Charity Stream
Child's Play - CharityStreamForTheChildren
Child's Play - HRPC 2018 Charity Auction
Child's Play - Cosplacon’s Gamers
Child's Play - Everglades Esports Launch
Child's Play - FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2018
Child's Play - Stream for Dreams!
Child's Play - The Gearbox Union
Child's Play - Karts for Kids
Child's Play - Ni No Kuni for children
Child's Play - CCC Gaming Guild 24 Hour Lives
Child's Play - Grumpy Vikings 24 Hour Stream
Child's Play - Noles Play for Child’s Play
Child's Play - MSC CureCon 2018
Child's Play - Waffles for Hope 2018
Child's Play - HellfireComms Segathon
Child's Play - Fragforce @ Dublin
Child's Play - SlenderDan’s 26HR Stream
Child's Play - Metroid March - Part Four
Child's Play - Mario Mayhem 8
Child's Play - Metroid March - Part Three
Child's Play - Rupeethon 9
Child's Play - Kids Play Day
Child's Play - Metroid March - Part 1
Child's Play - EPIC Charity For Childs Play
Child's Play - MUGamers Game On 48 Hours!
Child's Play - JWU Denver Mages Guild 24 Hour
Child's Play - East Coast Game Conference
Child's Play - Con Plus One
Child's Play - Game Show Marathon 7
Child's Play - LTRT 24 Hour Charity Stream
Child's Play - Nutz For Child’s Play Charity
Child's Play - MaZr Invitational
Child's Play - DGDS Charity
Child's Play - MAGFest
Child's Play - Gaming for Charity with Skill
Child's Play - PUCL 10 Charity Stream
Child's Play - DestinySherpa Charity Marathon
Child's Play - HyFin’s 12 Days of Livestreams
Child's Play - PleasantKenobi’s 24H Stream
Child's Play - LaKooLJ Gaming for Charity
Child's Play - R3dsir3n’s Annual Xmas Charity
Child's Play - Deltran Does Child’s Play
Child's Play - Logan is collecting for BCH
Child's Play - WHS Family Game Night
Child's Play - NWOSU Comp Sci Livestream
Child's Play - Desert Bus for Hope
Child's Play - Going Ogreboard for Charity!
Child's Play - 8th NWR Live Podcast Telethon

Events Calendar

FrostCoder Streams (28 Hours)

Mar 18 @ 5:00pm - Mar 19 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

FrostCoder’s FIRST 28 Hour Gaming Marathon for the Child’s Play Charity! There will be raffle prizes for those who donate as well as the option to select the next game to be played in the 2 hour blocks.  All donations during the stream will go directly to the Child’s Play Charity through the Tiltify widget.

Noles Play for Child’s Play

Mar 30 @ 11:00am - Mar 31 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Join Game Committee for our 7th annual Noles Play for Child’s Play Charity event. All proceeds help support Child’s Play Charity, which has helped provide toys for children’s hospitals since 2003.

The suggested donation for entry is $5, and all participants will be eligible for prizes including perler beads, game keys, gaming memorabilia, and much more! There will be many tournaments, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue CrossTag Battle, and many many more! Additional free play setups as well. Help us achieve our goal of $10,000 to support Shands Children’s Hospital!

Events at the charity will be streamed on, and a donation link will be posted through that stream and on our Facebook event page!

The event runs from 11:00 AM to Midnight!

MUG Presents: Game on 8!

Mar 15 @ 3:00pm - Mar 17 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Montclair University Gamers returns for the 8th annual (but newly renamed) Game on 8! Join students from the past, present and maybe even future as they play/speedrun through their favorite games for Child’s Play. Donations are incentivized, and prizes can be won! So come watch and enjoy!

Columbus Glitchbus

May 11 @ 12:00pm - May 11 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

A single day speed running marathon, showcasing runners from Central Ohio

WoW PvP For Children

Feb 28 @ 12:00am - Apr 1 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Raising awareness and money for Child’s Play by streaming multiple video games!

RivGaming Charity Livestream

Mar 1 @ 5:00pm - Mar 4 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Rivier University’s Gaming League will be hosting a consecutive 72-hour charity live stream from March 1st until March 4th. Our group will be playing all sorts of games and interacting with our gracious viewers. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will be donated to Child’s Play Charity after the event has concluded.

SorensBlade Streams

Feb 25 @ 9:00pm - Mar 9 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Raising awareness for Child’s Play & raising money via Tiltify

Marlos at Breakout Con 2019

Mar 15 @ 12:00pm - Mar 17 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Marlos is a marathon TTRPG event raising money for Child’s Play Charity. The game is a giant dungeon crawl taking place in an endless dungeon of pocket dimensions. It’s a fun event to play some whimsical D&D.

This event spans a multitude of hours, dimensions, DMs, and Marlos.

Squirrels For Charity

Feb 8 @ 5:30pm - Feb 14 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Streamers raising money for Child’s Play.

Nothin’ But Sonic & Mario

Feb 2 @ 10:00am - Feb 4 @ 1:30am

Event Description

Description: This is a Charity Speedrunning Event featuring speedrunners of Sonic titles and Mario titles… 100% of all donations raised go directly to Child’s Play Charity! This is the second in the “Nothin’ But” series with last year being Nothin’ But Golf raising over $4,500 for the cause!

Where -

Tiltify Campaign:

Schedule -


Mar 24 @ 12:00pm - Mar 31 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Doing our favorite thing in order to help spread the love of gaming with those who need the help the most!

2Bit’s 24-Hour Charity Stream

Jan 27 @ 4:00pm - Jan 28 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

2Bit_Turpentine is doing a 24-hour stream for Child’s Play on Twitch!

NWR Charity Livestream

Jan 26 @ 9:30am - Jan 26 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

The staff and friends of live stream to raise money for the kids! The more you donate the longer we stream. Catch the stream in both audio and video formats as we chat about Nintendo, Dinosaurs, and just about anything else.

Epic Win(ter) Gaming Event

Jan 11 @ 9:00am - Jan 13 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

You guessed it! Epic When Gaming is back at it again with an event geared to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. [All times are CST.] Friday we’ll be streaming from 9am until midnight. Saturday and Sunday from Noon to midnight we’ll be prioritizing multiplayer games (including free-to-play games)! On Sunday we’re doing a 2018 GAME AWARDS CEREMONY in addition to yet more gaming. All of this and more at

Marathon Anthem Stream

Feb 22 @ 12:00am - Feb 23 @ 12:00am

Event Description

I run a new video game page on Facebook called “The Study of Gaming” together with a couple friends. To celebrate the release of Bioware’s new game ‘Anthem’, I want to do a marathon stream all day long on launch day and donate all proceeds to your charity that day. As a long-time gamer myself, I have been helped through depressive episodes and hospital stays of my own through video game therapy, so I personally identify with your mission. I want to do my part to help your mission succeed and help other kids around the world.

New Year’s Extravaganza

Dec 31 @ 3:00pm - Jan 1 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Starting out the new year with a 12-24h charity stream - playing retro, Jackbox and custom Overwatch games!

Event end time can vary on how long I will stay awake~

Christmas Dr Awesome

Dec 24 @ 12:00pm - Dec 25 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Come join the awesome charity stream where we have fun playing games and raising money and awareness for kids who need our help this Holiday.

NucleoNick’s Christmas Livestream

Dec 14 @ 8:00pm - Dec 15 @ 12:00am

Event Description

The first ever NucleoNick’s Christmas charity Livestream will be December 14th at 8 pm eastern. We will be playing all sorts of retro games and doing some pretty funny and crazy challenges. So come join the #NucleoSquad and raise some money for a good cause.

Glu Toronto’s Super Smash Bro.

Dec 14 @ 2:30pm - Dec 14 @ 4:30pm

Event Description

Glu Toronto’s Charity Super Smash Bros. Tournament in support of Child’s Play.

Holiday 12 Hour Stream-a-thon

Dec 15 @ 12:00pm - Dec 16 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Eternal Kingdom is hosting their 3rd annual holiday key carry stream-a-thon to raise money for charity.  To sign up to have your key carried (signups open 12/11/18) visit To donate visit

Epic Win(ter) Gaming Event

Dec 8 @ 5:00pm - Dec 10 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

You guessed it! EpicWhenGaming is back at it again with an event geared to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. We’ll be starting at 5 pm and streaming until 11 pm on Sat Dec 8th with our event kickoff and story-driven games! Sunday the 9th from Noon to 11 pm we’ll be prioritizing multiplayer games (including free-to-play games!), and doing a giveaway! Finally, 5 pm to 11 pm again on Monday the 10th we’re doing a gaming awards ceremony in addition to yet more gaming. All of this and more at

NWOSU 24Hr Charity Livestream

Nov 30 @ 8:00pm - Dec 1 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

On November 30 at 8 pm central, the NWOSU Computer Science club will be hosting a 24-hour live stream, with all donations going to the Child’s Play Charity!

R3d’s Annual CPC Stream Event

Nov 26 @ 12:00am - Dec 16 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Annual Christmas Charity Event benefiting children at Christmas time!

Christmas Live Streams 2018

Dec 1 @ 7:00pm - Dec 23 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

I am happy to say that for a second year in a row we’ll be doing our XMAS Livestreams in support of Child’s Play and the National Children’s Hospital. And this year we’re going all in.

There will be:
- Daily streams
- Video Games
- Talk Shows w/ special guests
- Special Donation goals and challenges
- Friends (and beta too I guess)
- Giveaways
- & more (Pretty sure I heard rumours that SANTA CLAUS himself might show up)

So join me for the opening ceremony this Saturday the 1st of December, and lets get some money for those kids!

Aid The Kids Adventure!

Dec 20 @ 10:00am - Dec 20 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Come join us while we play games and raise awareness for Child’s Play Charity. We will be playing all sorts of games in this 12 hour live stream.
There will be raffles, special guests, and live Amazon shopping for the Children’s Hospital where you can help decide what we send them.
Follow on Twitter for updates:

Child’s Play Charity Stream

Nov 24 @ 12:00pm - Nov 25 @ 12:00am

Event Description

I am looking to raise awareness and help promote my passion and the communities passion for gaming into helping young children in need. Gaming brought me joy in my younger years which developed me to who I am today. I just want to give everyone the same opportunity that I was given.

JCU Gaming Club Charity Stream

Nov 10 @ 12:00pm - Nov 11 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Our event is a 24 hr. D&D internet telethon. The event would go from noon on November tenth to noon November 11th with all proceeds going to Child’s Play Charity. We have contacted and received sponsorship from a number of local organizations as well as Wyrmwood gaming and gaming accessories. There will be a number of giveaways and the entire event will be streamed live on our Twitch channel. Please support a great cause!

Spyro Saves The Baby Dragons

Nov 12 @ 12:00am - Nov 15 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

To celebrate the release of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, I am happy to announce I will be doing a marathon 100% completionist charity stream! I will aim for a 36-40 hour completion time and donate all revenue generated to Child’s Play!

This is for all the kids who should have a chance at having fun.

Come say hello and show your support with just a passing smile, it would be greatly appreciated to see you all there, thank you.

Link to tiltify:

Metal Gear Marathon 2018

Dec 6 @ 9:00am - Dec 9 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

From 9 AM (PST) Dec.6th to 6 PM Dec. 9th, a group of nano-machine-powered fools will be subjecting themselves to a constant barrage of espionage, inane plot points, awful food, and dogs with eye-patches in order to raise money for the kids

Villain For A Cause, Year 2

Nov 17 @ 12:00pm - Nov 18 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Last year I raised $3,000 for Child’s Play, because it’s a cause I believe in. This year, I seek to raise the stakes and break $3,500! Come join me as I try to do mediocre playing games all for the purposes of charity!

FragForce Dublin FY19Q4 Event

Nov 2 @ 12:00pm - Nov 3 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

The event will be split over 2 days, 12 midday to midnight on the 2nd and 3rd November.

3rd November is open to guests of employees.

Donations being collected via Tiltify for Child’s Play Charity:

Sentinels 4th Anniversary!

Oct 14 @ 7:00pm - Oct 19 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

From October 14-19, 2018 we will be celebrating the 4th anniversary of our video game Sentinels of the Multiverse. Join the Handelabra Community on live streams every night, Sunday through Friday to play Sentinels of the Multiverse and raise money for charity!

gingerbread apocalypse

Dec 1 @ 10:00am - Dec 1 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Warhammer 40k event with an edible terrain.  All participants are required to donate 5 dollars and bring an edible price of terrain (minimum 6"x4” but can be smaller in size.) Raffles and other means of donations will be occurring during the event

40k ITC Toy Drive/Fundraiser

Dec 8 @ 12:00pm - Dec 8 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Bourbon Brothers Wargaming presents:

Warhammer 40k ITC charity Tournament/Toy Drive to benefit Child’s Play and Norton’s Children’s Hospital!


2000pts, standard ITC army construction rules and missions with ONE modification (see below).

Entry Fee: $20, payable on site or via BCP. A toy valued equal or greater to the entry fee can be substituted, bring your receipt!

If you pay the entry fee AND bring a toy, you will receive ONE free command reroll per BATTLE ROUND for the entire tournament. A token will be provided to each player who receives this benefit.

BCP Link:

Bourbon Brothers Wargaming will be providing all medals/trophies, and we’ll be soliciting additional prize support donations from the community.

1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

“Pay to Win”: Largest single cash donation to Child’s Play.
“Santa Claws”: “Coolest” toy donation (as voted by your peers).
“The Spirit”: Best Sportsman
“Winter Wonderland”: Best Painted/Display


100% of proceeds and entry fees will be donated to Child’s Play.

We have an additional donation widget available here:
(Coming soon)

All toys will be donated to Norton’s Children’s Hospital, their wishlist is available here*:
*note: new toys only, unfortunately, due to sanitation concerns the hospital will only accept new items. No stuffed animals. Your donation does not have to come from this wishlist.


Child’s Play Charity:

Frontline Gaming’s Independent Tournament Circuit:

24H Charity Stream

Oct 5 @ 5:00pm - Oct 6 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

24H live stream with some donation goals and events. All donations will come to this charity :)

Dragon-Fall 2018

Oct 19 @ 12:00am - Oct 21 @ 12:00am

Event Description

We are excited to bring you the Midwest’s Premiere Table Top and Digital Gaming Event for our fourth consecutive year. Located in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, this multi-system event runs three days.

Held at the Waterford Banquet and Convention Center off Route 83 about a mile from Oak Brook Mall. Events will run Friday October 19th through Sunday October 21st.

This year we have so much to offer! Our events include five Warhammer 30K / 40k events, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Dark Age events, Wrath of Kings, and Infinity!

If that is not enough, we are so happy to have the Dragon Slayer painting competition return backed an extensive list of hobby seminars

We are also expanding with BYOPC!

Child’s Play 24 Hour Charity

Oct 20 @ 10:00am - Oct 21 @ 10:00am

Event Description

Hi, my name is Drew!
For my birthday I will be holding a 24-hour stream to support Child’s Play! During the event, in addition to the monetary donations made, all bit donations will also go towards the cause. If you love Child’s Play and Role Playing Games, feel free to stop by and join me for my birthday @

Crypto eSports Charity Stream

Sep 22 @ 9:00am - Sep 23 @ 9:00am

Event Description

The Crypto eSports Ltd Team shall be streaming for 24 hours in aid of Childs Play.
There will be a multitude of games played during this duration, whilst involving the community and letting everyone get involved!
The last Charity stream we hosted raised £350 for Tourettes Foundation, lets smash that record!

October Swear Jar

Oct 1 @ 12:00am - Oct 31 @ 12:00am

Event Description

In every stream I run in the month of October I will be keeping a swear jar in my stream. For every swear word I use, I have to donate $1 to Child’s Play

Along with my donation, I’ll be adding a multiplier system. If someone donates any amount of money over $2 it will add a multiplier to my swear jar for 10 minutes.

So if someone donates $5, it adds a 5x multiplier to my swear jar, so I’d have to donate $5 for 1 swear word.
If someone else donates $10, it resets the timer to 10 minutes and makes it a 10x multiplier.

All donations during the month of October would go to Child’s Play, and (depending on the amount in the Swear Jar) I would be giving my donation on October 31st. If there’s too much in the swear jar I would spread the amount across multiple donations over a few months.

SNES Classics Marathon

Aug 10 @ 7:00pm - Aug 12 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

Rated M for Marathon returns from a three-year hiatus to present the SNES Classics marathon! Join us as we play games to raise money for Child’s Play Charity! See some of your favorite SNES games, like Chrono Trigger, Link to the Past, Turtles in Time, Star Fox, Megaman X, and many more! We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Weary’s Quest For The Kids

Aug 4 @ 11:00am - Aug 19 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

During these two weeks I will be streaming Dragon Quest VIII (8) every day after work, to raise as much money for Child’s Play as I can in that time. Streams will start around 5PM PDT and end around 10PM PDT. Saturdays/Sundays will be full day streams starting in the early morning.

Big Indie Blast 2018

Aug 4 @ 12:00pm - Aug 4 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

It is finally here! Time to kick off Indie Month with the Big Indie Blast! We have premieres of a new GamerRaven episode, a new series and a surprise announcement you won’t wanna miss.

Nicks 20k Charity Stream

Jul 22 @ 12:00pm - Jul 22 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

For hitting 20,000 followers on Mixer, Nick is doing a charity stream to attempt and raise $2,000 for ChildsPlay!

Azure Summer Fest

Jul 27 @ 12:00pm - Jul 30 @ 12:00am

Event Description

The Free Company Azure Infinitum from Final Fantasy 14’s Midgarsormr server invites you to join them for their gaming marathon being held during their summer festival. Please enjoy the streams of our marathon on our Tiltify page or feel free to say hi to us in game as we attempt to surpass our donations from last year.


Jul 21 @ 10:00am - Jul 22 @ 10:00am

Event Description

24-hour Charity Stream.

MTG Arena - Elder Dragon Race

Jul 12 @ 8:00pm - Jul 12 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

It’s a digital race to the finish line! Each streamer of Magic: The Gathering Arena will be competing to finish through a Competitive Constructed League with a chosen Elder Dragon and the result is a donation made to Child’s Play and accolades to the winner!

Multiplayer Mayhem

Jun 30 @ 7:00pm - Jun 30 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Rated M for Marathon returns after a three year hiatus! Join us as we play several multiplayer games and rage at each other. We will also be previewing this years marathon during this event! Join us as we kick off this years fundraising effort in support of Child’s Play!

Mike’s Birthday fundraiser

Jul 1 @ 10:00am - Jul 7 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Going to be live streaming some video games while raising money for child’s play so lets help the children have some fun as well.

Child’s Play Charity Stream

Jul 6 @ 5:00pm - Jul 7 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Some companions and I will be livestreaming several games during a 24 hour span. This will be done on Twitch.TV

The language will probably be Dutch for the most part.

We will be streaming from a youth center in the city of Deventer in The Netherlands. My group and I got permission to stay the night there.

We’ll also set up a website as soon as possible, however, it’s not done yet.

Our goal is to donate any money earned to the Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam.

Childs Week Stream

Jul 8 @ 8:00pm - Jul 14 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

During this week I will be streaming daily through a variety of games in order to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity.

GaminForCharity Marathon

Jul 3 @ 2:00pm - Jul 7 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

GaminForCharity returns for another gaming marathon! Ranging from retro to modern we will be playing a variety of great games. Highlights include Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, System Shock, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, and many more!

Come join us for an exciting week of gaming and giveaways where we will explore Hyrule, destroy an evil AI, and defeat space-faring mobsters all in the name of charity!

Event Starts July 3rd at 2:00 pm EST!

RichJMoney Charity Stream

Jun 3 @ 4:00pm - Jun 4 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

In honor of the Path of Exile Community, I will be streaming Path of Exile for (at least) 27 hours straight. This is the same length of time that I streamed to finish my Bestiary Challenge where I was helped by dozens of members of the community. During this time I will be encouraging donations to Child’s Play with a widget on my stream page.


Jun 29 @ 7:00am - Jun 29 @ 7:00pm

Event Description


HRPC 2018 Charity Auction

Jun 2 @ 3:30pm - Jun 2 @ 5:30pm

Event Description

High Roller Pony Con benefitting Child’s Play:
This is the first fully funded MLP convention to hit the entertainment capital of the world!

Our mission is to bring back the MLP convention scene to the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada while benefitting a worthwhile charity. Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the ‘power of play.’ Over the course of 15 years, they have successfully raised over 44 million dollars! 100% of all profits and proceeds from the charity auction will go directly to Child’s Play and wonderful children in cities across the globe.

Cosplacon’s Gamers

Jun 14 @ 4:00pm - Jun 17 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Check out Cosplacon’s game room for details! There are many ways to donate or raise funds with your time; each will be outlined explicitly, and no funds will be handled by the host of the game room (EpicWhenGaming) nor the convention itself. Instead, they will go directly to Child’s Play’s services. Come have fun with us for a great cause!

Everglades Esports Launch

Jun 2 @ 9:00am - Jun 3 @ 9:00am

Event Description

Please join Everglades Esports for our official launch! Our team will be streaming various games for 24 hours straight. Watch as our players, management and office staff compete online for charity! Tune in through our community page on!

FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2018

Jun 1 @ 12:00am - Aug 31 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Play Final Fantasy 5 in a variety of ways for charity!
Pre-registration starts June 1 and the event kicks off with The Run being held June 17 and then you can play your own variety of runs of the FF5 Fiesta until the end of August!

Stream for Dreams!

Jun 29 @ 7:00pm - Jun 30 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

24-hour stream event consisting of a variety of games to help raise money and awareness for the children. Feel free to stop by and hang out with us as we do so!

The Gearbox Union

Jun 8 @ 12:00pm - Jun 10 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

What is this unique event that happens only at Sci-Fi Valley Con? It’s an amazingly fun charity adventure across the entire convention benefiting children’s hospitals all over the planet!

For a $5 donation to the Child’s Play Charity, you’ll receive five raffle tickets for all the fabulous donated prizes along with an official GBU Con-Quest pouch and a one-day questing pass! Then with the map provided in the Sci-Fi Valley Con flyer you can visit each participating table, complete their quests (things like act like a zombie/dance like a unicorn/quote your favorite superhero), and be rewarded with official GBU Con-Quest bottle caps! These bottle caps can then be traded in at the Mega-Table to acquire additional raffle tickets!

Not enough adventure for you? If you make a donation of $10, you can adventure all three days of the convention and you’ll receive a limited edition “Con-Quest 2018 Hero” pendant as well!

You can start your heroic journey at the Gearbox Union Con-Quest Mega-Table! There are new quests each day, random trade values on raffle tickets, secrets to discover, and much more!

Karts for Kids

Jul 31 @ 6:00pm - Jul 31 @ 11:59am

Event Description


Come join us for an evening of banana peels, betrayal, and booze.

Mario Kart tournament starts at 6 pm. Entry to the tournament is technically free, but a donation is STRONGLY encouraged. If you don’t donate anything, we’ll have a wall of pictures of sick kids you need to look at prior to playing.

All proceeds will go to Children’s Hospital in St. Pete through a charity called Child’s Play. Child’s Play aims to make the lives of sick children better by providing them toys, gaming consoles, and games. This allows the children to have age-appropriate toys and entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

We’ll have catering on site, and the bar will be offering drink specials.

We’ll also have a raffle with board games and other prizes. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the event.

Ni No Kuni for children

Apr 11 @ 7:00pm - Apr 12 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

I’ll be playing Ni No Kuni 2 for 12 hours to raise money for Child’s Play. I’ve yet to play the game, so I’ve been looking forward to this. This event will start at 11 am PST/7pm BST

CCC Gaming Guild 24 Hour Lives

Apr 5 @ 3:00pm - Apr 6 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

The Corning Community College Gaming Guild is hosting our third 24-hour Livestream, with all donations going to Child’s Play.
We will be playing multiplayer video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, etc.

Grumpy Vikings 24 Hour Stream

Mar 30 @ 10:00am - Mar 30 @ 10:00am

Event Description

24-hour live stream with two Danish guys hoping to raise the roof and some monnies for the kids! ;)

10 AM CET and 24 hours forward!

Noles Play for Child’s Play

Apr 6 @ 11:00am - Apr 8 @ 11:00am

Event Description

Join Game Committee for our 4th annual Noles Play for Child’s Play charity event. All proceeds help support Child’s Play Charity, which has helped provide toys to children’s hospitals since 2003.The suggested donation for entry is $5, and all participants will be eligible for prizes including perler beads, game keys and much more! Help us achieve our goal of $5,000 to support Health Shands Children’s Hospital this year!

MSC CureCon 2018

Apr 13 @ 6:00pm - Apr 15 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

CureCon is an annual gaming marathon event where the Morrisville State College (SUNY) participants get sponsors/donors or sponsor themselves to play games all weekend in a marathon style.

Waffles for Hope 2018

Apr 6 @ 4:00pm - Apr 8 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Serving fresh made Belgian waffles to Anime Detour 2018! All the fixings you can think of and a few more! Our 7th year, hoping to break 800 fluffy delicious waffles served!

HellfireComms Segathon

Jul 16 @ 3:00pm - Jul 29 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

A Two-Week long marathon of Sega games played and commentated by the folks over at HellfireCommentaries. (

Fragforce @ Dublin

Mar 29 @ 4:30pm - Mar 29 @ 10:30pm

Event Description

Fragforce is the global charity gaming team from Salesforce that is raising money to support kids facing scary stuff like social mistreatment and medical issues (i.e. cancer, cystic-fibrosise, accidents, etc). By rallying our friends, family, and co-workers, we are creating/facilitating a new philanthropic tradition to boost employee morale and support cross-team and community collaboration through a shared love of gaming.

FragForce @ Dublin is the first EMEA Event of FY19 aimed at promoting our group within our company, having fun and most importantly raising money for Child’s Play!

SlenderDan’s 26HR Stream

Apr 13 @ 11:00am - Apr 14 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

I, SlenderDan am proud to announce my second ever long-term charity livestream of 26 hours. Why 26 hours do you ask? Because my last stream was 25 hours long, and my motto, taken from a wise man is “go big, or go home”.

For 26 hours, I will stream various games like Fortnite, Far Cry 5, Dying Light, Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead 2, Darks Souls 3, a whole bunch of horror/random games, and whatever else sounds like fun!

Additionally, for most of the stream, I will not be alone. Every 2-4 hours, I am going to switch who I am streaming with (somewhere in the world), and what game is being played; so that we can switch things up and keep things interesting!

I enjoy humor and include it heavily in my streams, so things you might see are: blindfolded gaming, a swear jar, shaving on camera, random dances, or more! Also, when we hit certain donation goals, I plan to give games/prizes away to random viewers.

The goal is to raise $1000 dollars in 26 hours, with all of the proceeds raised going directly to the children of Child’s Play Charity. If you want some entertainment, but also want to help those in need, please stop by!

If you would like to donate early, here is the link -

And, here is a link to my channel where the stream will be taking place -

See you soon for an awesome charity event!


Metroid March - Part Four

Mar 25 @ 2:00pm - Mar 25 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

The final Metroid March stream is here, with us playing Metroid Fusion! Let’s try to reach our goal of $400 in donations total to send to Child’s Play!

We’ll also be looking at inspired Metroid games when we finish Fusion, just to see how influential this series has been.

Check it out at!

Mario Mayhem 8

Apr 27 @ 1:00pm - Apr 30 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

Mario Mayhem is an annual charity live stream event that collects donations for Child’s Play Charity while playing through an assortment of Mario-related video games. The duration of the event is generally around 72-90 hours, but donations determine how long we play. As more donation goals are hit, more games and incentives are unlocked! We love to interact with our viewers and regularly do giveaways!

Metroid March - Part Three

Mar 19 @ 2:00pm - Mar 19 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Part Three of Metroid March!

Join us as we celebrate the 24th anniversary of one of the greatest games of all time, Super Metroid, as well as many amazing hacks created by players over the years, with all benefits received going towards Child’s Play. We’ve already received $75 out of our total $400 goal; let’s try to get a lot closer to it!

Please join us at 2pm EST at!

Rupeethon 9

Jul 12 @ 8:00am - Jul 15 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

The Rupeethon Crew is back for their 9th annual marathon for Child’s Play Charity. We’ve got another action-packed 80 hours for you and yours, with plenty of opportunities to make us mail you prizes like hand-drawn art, plushies, buttons, Amiibos, and more. This year we’re playing exclusively handheld Zelda games, including THREE never before played (on Rupeethon) titles!

Join us starting July 12, 2018, at 8:00 am Eastern!

Kids Play Day

Mar 4 @ 12:00pm - Mar 4 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Teaching and showing kids how good the internet can be when used the right way! All bits and new subs for the day will have the proceeds sent to Child’s Play Charity. I’ll have a personal “Swear Jar” where whenever I accidentally say a bad word chat can call me on it and I’ll add a dollar each time, this money will also be donated to Child’s Play Charity! We will be playing Splatoon for the first bit of the stream, and then I’ll get any parents/siblings/uncles/aunts to tell me what their kid’s dream theme park is like so we can build it in Planet Coaster!

Metroid March - Part 1

Mar 4 @ 2:00pm - Mar 4 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Part one of four for Metroid March, playing Metroid for NES and Metroid Zero Mission for the GBA in their entirety!

EPIC Charity For Childs Play

Mar 30 @ 7:00am - Apr 1 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

We at EPIC streamers are celebrating our 1 year anniversary with an EPIC charity event! EPIC streamers is having a charity streamathon for Child’s play charity (
on March 30th-April 1st starting at 6 am PST! There will be a ton of prizes, game giveaways, and incentives for goals met! You can help us reach our weekend goal of $4000 by tuning in
and donating to an amazing cause! Mark your calendars. It’s going to be… EPIC
Some of our amazing sponsors will be announced as we near the event. You’re not going to want to miss this!

MUGamers Game On 48 Hours!

Mar 9 @ 3:00pm - Mar 11 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Montclair University Gamers returns for the 7th annual 48 Hour Marathon for Child’s Play. Watch both current members and Alumni play the games they love for a great cause! You could even win prizes, and donate incentives to change how our runners play their games!

JWU Denver Mages Guild 24 Hour

Feb 9 @ 12:00pm - Feb 10 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Our tri-anual livestream

East Coast Game Conference

Apr 17 @ 4:00pm - Apr 19 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

East Coast Game Conference hosts it’s annual raffle benefiting Child’s Play at it’s event April 17-19, 2018. Prizes include games, collectibles and other swag from game developers.

Look for the Child’s Play raffle across from Wake Tech’s Simulation and Game Development booth in the Expo area. Tickets for prizes drawn each afternoon at the close of the expo hall. Must be present to win. Cash Only!

Con Plus One

Nov 2 @ 11:59pm - Nov 3 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Con Plus One in an online, role-playing game convention, being conducted to raise funds for Child’s Play (All proceeds go to the charity).

The 24 hour event features online role-playing games (live streamed on YouTube), gaming discussion panels, educational workshops for table top game terrain creation and miniature painting and more.

Game Show Marathon 7

Jun 9 @ 12:00pm - Jun 10 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

The marathon schedule will consist of one game show each hour, for 24 hours. Games that have been played during the show have included well-known American formats like Concentration, Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, as well as classic British quiz shows such as Countdown, Bob’s Full House and Taskmaster. Every show in the broadcast will feature Cory, Bob, Rich and Christian as a host, contestant or panelist. In addition, game material (questions, puzzles, etc.), music, game equipment, and graphics for each of the 24 games in the marathon will be gathered by Cory, Bob, Rich and Christian in the months leading up to the show.

LTRT 24 Hour Charity Stream

Feb 24 @ 10:00am - Feb 25 @ 10:00am

Event Description

LTRT has been around for a year, so it’s time to celebrate! We’ll be playing 24 games over 24 hours and discussing our favorite games of 2017, all while taking donations for Child’s Play. Come watch, learn, and donate!

Nutz For Child’s Play Charity

Feb 3 @ 6:00pm - Feb 9 @ 12:00am

Event Description

A week of streams to raise funds for Child’s Play Charity.  Saturday through Friday with a direct donation links and all revenue from the channel going to charity.

MaZr Invitational

Feb 3 @ 3:00pm - Feb 3 @ 7:30pm

Event Description

The MaZr Invitational is a gathering of some of the top units in MechWarrior Online to benefit Child’s Play. This four and a half hour stream will feature a series of exhibition matches with a-typical rules and restrictions.

DGDS Charity

Feb 10 @ 12:00pm - Feb 11 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Our second monthly charity where 16 different streamers play video games poorly for the kids.


Jan 4 @ 12:00pm - Jan 7 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Check out MAGFest’s NINTH year of raising money for Child’s Play Charity! This year we aim to top our $50,000 total from 2017, and can only do it with the love and support that we get from everyone! Our local 501st Legion will be out doing various Star Wars related activities including a week long raffle. Then make sure you’re in Panels 1 at 11am on Sunday 1/7, for our 9th annual charity auction. Items this year include ultra rare limited vinyls of Bastion, Ninja Gaiden, and a signed vinyl from some of the original Protomen!
You can also join in and bring donations to Rock Island or our Marketplace checkin. Help us destroy our last years total!

Gaming for Charity with Skill

Jan 6 @ 10:00am - Jan 6 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

The gaming group “Skill is On Cooldown” (formerly FMD Gaming) is ringing in the new year and a fresh start with a donation stream to the group Child’s Play! Watch and engage with us as we play through a diverse list of games such as Overwatch, Tetris, Rocket League, the Jackbox Party Pack, and more! All proceeds goes to Child’s Play.

PUCL 10 Charity Stream

Dec 31 @ 12:00pm - Jan 1 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

PUCL is a pokemon podcast and community that discusses anything and everything pokemon! From the Video Games to the Trading card game to everything in between. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and we would like to use it to give back. We will be doing a 24 hour live stream playing various pokemon games. At the same time we will be raising money for Child’s Play to give back to the video game community!

DestinySherpa Charity Marathon

Dec 15 @ 6:00am - Dec 18 @ 6:00am

Event Description

The reddit community of Destiny comes together for a charity livestream marathon in support of Child’s Play.

Moderators from a variety of Destiny subreddits along with special guests from the community host the event as we help sherpa our fellow gamers through raids, strikes and crucible matches.

Join us for a fun, relaxing 48 hours of gaming. Anyone can join in and opt to party up with the host as we strive to add as many smiles as we can to children’s hospitals around the world!

HyFin’s 12 Days of Livestreams

Dec 12 @ 6:00pm - Dec 23 @ 11:30pm

Event Description

I’ll be running a special series of live streams for charity this month.From the 12th of December I’ll be streaming every day until the 23rd. These will be special streams with awesome events going on throughout. All donations received during this event will support Child’s Play by providing toys & games to the kids at the National Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

PleasantKenobi’s 24H Stream

Dec 8 @ 11:00am - Dec 9 @ 11:00am

Event Description

Vince is going to be live, playing Magic: The Gathering Online for 24 Hours in order to help raise money for Child’s Play Charity.

LaKooLJ Gaming for Charity

Dec 16 @ 3:00pm - Dec 17 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

I’m doing a 24 hour stream an 100% of all the money will be coming here, i love what ya’ll do! My streaming community and pro Gamer family can’t wait to get this stream under way an be able to help bring joy to children in need! I grew up very poor an when I was a kid a kind person gave me their old Sega and gaming had change my life and help keep me off the streets an in the right path! Love -LAKoolJ & Vie Gaming Family-

R3dsir3n’s Annual Xmas Charity

Dec 1 @ 11:00am - Dec 23 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Gaming and streaming for support of our favorite Christmas Charity for children!

Deltran Does Child’s Play

Nov 27 @ 12:00pm - Dec 5 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Deltran Does is proud to support the Child’s Play charity, helping children cope and recover become kids again.

Logan is collecting for BCH

Nov 26 @ 1:00pm - Dec 10 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

Hi! I am Logan. I am 8 years old and when I was 6 I was a patient at Boston Children’s Hospital. I am trying to get donations for toys and games for the kids at Boston Children’s. It really stunk being in the hospital but it was fun to play with the toys and games. Because Boston Children’s were nice to me and helped me get healthy, I want to send toys and games to them.
I am working with Child’s Play who I met while I was at Boston Children’s. They gave me a video game to play while I was in the hospital and for after I got home. They were really nice to me and other kids so I want help them help Boston Children’s Hospital for Christmas.
        Thank you for your donation! It will help the kids at Boston Children’s.

WHS Family Game Night

Dec 1 @ 6:00am - Dec 1 @ 9:00am

Event Description

A night of video games and board games for students of Washingtonville High School and their families.

NWOSU Comp Sci Livestream

Dec 2 @ 9:00am - Dec 3 @ 9:00am

Event Description

Description: 24 hour live stream to benefit Child’s Play. All donations will go directly to the charity. Will have a mix of different games as well as some group activities.

Desert Bus for Hope

Nov 17 @ 11:00am - Nov 24 @ 3:32pm

Event Description

Started in 2007 by internet sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun, Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit charity.

Desert Bus is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $3.8 million for Child’s Play over its ten-year history.

What started as an improptu event broadcast from a living room is now a professionally organized fundraiser; it takes more than 15 people to plan the event and another 45 dedicated volunteers to keep the whole thing running once it starts.

Our viewers direct the action, talking with us via live chat, challenging us to sing, dance and generally make fools of ourselves in front of thousands of viewers. The Desert Bus craft-along allows people from all over the world to help us raise money by donating incredible handmade art and goods for auction.

Desert Bus is a great example of what happens when a huge community of people from all over the world - organizers, volunteers, crafters and viewers - come together to achieve a common goal.

Going Ogreboard for Charity!

Nov 10 @ 5:00pm - Nov 11 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

A 24 hour charity marathon, including both great and…not so great games, personalities, giveaways, and more!

8th NWR Live Podcast Telethon

Dec 2 @ 11:30am - Dec 3 @ 1:00am

Event Description

For the last 7 years, Nintendo World Report has put on a full day of podcast. It’s a day of insightful Nintendo-centric conversation, great music, fun games (with members of our audience), and an unhealthy dose of stupidity. This year we’ve turned up all the dials to 11, for a good cause.