Gamers Give Back Day

March is Child Life Month. We at Child’s Play saw this as a perfect time to hold a Gamers Give Back Day event to help support our mission. 

Gamers Give Back® is Child’s Play’s new year-long fundraising focus which fuels our mission to help children in hospitals around the world by getting them the tools they need to Play Games, Feel Better®! 

A huge part of our fundraising is done by you, someone who loves videogames and wants to share that love with the world. Gamers Give Back® Day is March 28th, but you can stream for us any time during the year. Join us by fundraising now to power up our mission! You can also find our fundraising guide on the event website. This guide explains how to fundraise for us using DonorDrive.

We want to share some of the stories that our network hospitals send to us. The kids in their facilities are using equipment purchased with your donor dollars. They are playing games, and for a moment, feeling better because of your generosity. 


“Our journey started out with Dell Children’s Medical Center and The Children’s Blood And Cancer Center back in 2008.

 As I sit here in total awe of the beautiful blessings my sons have been blessed to receive is the care and support to their illness. The doctors and nurses are a blessing. 

One will never enjoy seeing their children battle, deal or be uncomfortable while facing health complications. Somehow you make the best of the situation and teach your child/ children to be STRONG. 

 Random words will never be enough to express how thankful we are on the days that we are in the clinic and there is a distraction created while playing an electronic video device.

 Talk about a lifesaver. Jaevin, my oldest enjoys being able to have the game system bedside or while in the clinic to past time. This journey often calls for long days for Jaevin, known to many of the doctors and nurses as Jae. Jae has “ Sickle Cell” and he was diagnosed shortly after being born. He has been under the care of Dr. Linda Shaffer since being diagnosed. His recent treatment plan is chronic blood transfusions once a month. 

 During those visits, Jaevin enjoys playing any and all of the gaming systems. The fact this is offered in this setting is a beautiful thoughtful blessing. It is almost as if Jaevin forgets why he is here. The gaming system offers so much extra support! 

 From my heart, as a mom to this journey, I cannot thank you enough for the acts of kindness to have the gaming systems as an option for patients like my Jae! The gaming systems definitely makes a positive difference! 


Anissa Renee(Mom)

Jaevin Wilson( Patient)



“Kamari is 4 years old and is a patient on the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Children’s of Alabama. Kamari has been at Children’s for over 1 week spending much of her time in her room for testing. Kamari has very much enjoyed having positive distraction elements in her room during her stay at Children’s for normalization and play.”


Children's Hospital Colorado patients and staff talking about what games and technology mean to them and thanking Child's Play and its donors for all the help and support they provide.


If you are attending PAX East and are interested in learning more about our event, make sure to stop by our booth (#8102) to signup. We will also have new merch, including a new Pinny Pin, a new shirt, and new Timbuk2 bags with our branding on them. 

If you have questions regarding how you can be a gamer who gives back, send us an email at to learn more about how you can help power up our mission.

Play Games, Feel Better.®️