Who is Child's Play Charity?

Child’s Play Charity is rooted in the healing power of play. Endowed by the gaming community, Child’s Play is devoted to improving the lives of children and teens in children’s hospitals.

Child’s Play was born in 2003 when Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade wanted to change the negative perception of gaming and gamers in the media. In response, they challenged their fans to support Seattle Children’s Hospital through an Amazon Wishlist. In less than one month, they raised over $250,000 in cash and toys.

Since then, Child’s Play has expanded to 190+ network hospitals across the globe, and contributions reach far beyond just games and technology. In 2015 Child’s Play debuted the therapeutic video game guide, enabling Child Life to be intentional when choosing specific games to provide a child. In 2017 Child’s Play funded the first Pediatric Gaming and Technology Specialists within children's Hospitals. This new career field brings dedicated gaming experts into the hospitals to support therapeutic gaming and technology integration, provide gaming system support and play games with kids to improve the pediatric patient experience.

With your support, Child's Play Charity will continue to improve the lives of pediatric patients and find new ways to help children Play Games, Feel Better™.

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