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Through therapeutic gaming and the power of play, Child’s Play partners with over 190+ pediatric hospitals around the globe to enrich the lives of hospitalized children.

Being in a hospital can be traumatizing, stressful, and confusing for a child. Child’s Play works with child-life services in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare organizations to reduce the toll on young patients and promote healthy development through the power of play. Child’s Play supports hospitals by promoting hospital wishlists, providing gaming and technology equipment, and grant funding to support programs and capacity building. Learn more about the Impact Child’s Play is making below.

Pediatric Gaming and Technology Specialists

Pediatric Gaming and Technology Specialists enhance the patient experience and support healing through the creative use of gaming and a wide range of emerging technology platforms. These positions significantly increase the use of virtual and extended reality technologies as a tool for procedural support, such as anxiety reduction and distraction during mild to moderately painful procedures. Child’s Play has funded 38 Pediatric Gaming and Technology specialists in 33 hospitals across the US, Canada, and even Kenya.

About Pediatric Gaming and Technology Specialists

Draw Alive

Draw Alive is an interactive solution in which children can watch their drawings come to life. Yes, seriously. This tool is adding interactive, creativity, and fun for children in the hospital.

About Draw Alive

Ohmni Robot

New technology that allows patients to experience events outside hospital walls such as high school graduation, class field trips, and even PAX.

About Ohmni Robot