Your donations make a difference. See below how your contributions make a lifelong impact on the lives of children in pediatric hospitals.

Children’s Hospital of Colorado thanks Child’s Play and its donors

Thank you for helping us be kids.
Thank you for helping us play.
Thank you for helping us heal.

Lemonade Stand Donor

“Cute lemonade stand donation message. Came in the mail with $18 cash.”

Read Lemonade Stand Donor's Letter

Marshall Anderson

“They had an old pong machine, with the roller ball and dual screen. It is my first memory in the world of gaming, and one of the few, but very special, good memories I have from that ordeal.”

Read Marshall Anderson's Letter

James Brief, M.D.

“I am a pediatrician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and I see firsthand what charities like yours do for children...”

Read James Brief, M.D.'s Letter

Nathaniel, 'Bendery' Jordan

“I never had it too bad, but from a former patient's perspective, this charity is one of the best and most meaningful events of the holiday season...”

Read Nathaniel, 'Bendery' Jordan's Letter

Hospital School team

“Our program relies heavily on donated laptops and iPads to aid in lesson delivery...”

Read Hospital School team's Letter

Christine Edward

“This has been an exciting year for the iPads for Kids Program. Our partnership with Child’s Play allowed us to think bigger and better than we ever have before.”

Read Christine Edward's Letter

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