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Children’s Hospital of Colorado thanks Child’s Play and its donors

Thank you for helping us be kids.
Thank you for helping us play.
Thank you for helping us heal.

Lisa Warner

“The increased gift this year has opened the door to explore opportunities for using virtual reality in our practice.”

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Lori Mitts

“The gaming systems encourage cooperative play among patients/siblings and socialization... ”

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Father of Former Patient

“As has happened so often during my son's treatment, I am astounded by the generosity of people. Thank you and your readers so much for Child's Play...”

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Sean Brown, age 25

“This charity really helped my baby sister when she was at her worst and when I think how many other millions of people's younger siblings have the same story, it just makes me bawl like a little girl...”

Read Sean Brown, age 25's Letter

Wendy Pauker

“On behalf of all of us at Banner Thunderbird, Thank You!”

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“I have a couple of older boys that were not wanting to come talk to anyone about the domestic violence in their home. One of the boys saw Xbox and made his own appointment...”

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