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Hi There,

I’m not sure when you guys are planning to kick this years Childs Play into gear but I wanted to drop you a note and first tell you how Child’s Play affected my family directly and secondly ask if there is any help that you need on the ground in Toronto.

This past winter my 6-year-old son, Darwin, woke up one morning completely unable to move one of his legs. Any movement at all caused him horrible pain. We rushed him to Sick Kid’s Hospital here in Toronto where we spent the day trying to distract him from his pain while the doctor’s ran him through a series of tests. Part of the way through the day a volunteer from the hospital wheeled in a cart with a TV, a Nintendo and several games, and a DVD player. I can’t tell you how much it helped to get us through that day having the simple distraction of some video games. After a very long day, we found out that Darwin had a strange viral infection in his hip, but would be fine after a few days.

While passing time with the game system in the hospital room I told Darwin and his brother and sister about the Child’s Play charity and how each year I had planned to give something and never gotten around to it. So we made a promise to each that this year we would do what we could to help. We will definitely be giving a donation. We would also like to know if there is anything you need help with on the ground here in Toronto. We’re happy to help with anything that you need done.

Thanks again,

Buddy, Laurie, Miette, Darwin, Max, and Trillian