Power-up Starter Kit

Our goal is for every child in children’s hospitals to feel supported and have what they need for healthy development. That’s why we created the Power-up Starter Kit.

This kit is designed to take a hospital’s child life department to the next level. Along with the funding to hire a Pediatric Gaming and Technology Specialist, which covers 2 years of salary and benefits, this kit also delivers the tools and technology needed to start a game tech program right. This comprehensive kit allows pediatric patients to play games, better understand their procedures by creating 3-dimensional renderings of various valves and medical implants, and even attend events with their classmates through a revolutionary Ohmni Telepresence Robot.

Donating to this kit gives each hospital the following:

  • Pediatric Gaming Technology Specialist (salaried position)
  • 3D Printer (crafts and memory making experiences) (3-year lifespan)
  • Virtual Reality Goggles (3 regular headsets and 2 medical grade headsets) (3-year lifespan)
  • 4 Gaming Carts (5-year lifespan)
  • 1 Gaming Laptop (2-year lifespan)
  • 5 Adaptive Controllers (3-year lifespan)
  • 10 iPads (3-year lifespan)
  • 6 Nintendo Switches (2-year lifespan)
  • 1 Ohmni Telepresence Robot (3-year lifespan)


Donate to Power-up Starter Kit

With this kit, hospitals will be able to provide a more fulfilling experience for the kids under their care. Total initiative investment: $143,700

Choose your way to donate:

  • $69 will fund the gaming equipment listed above and the expertise of a game tech for 1 hour at a children's hospital
  • $552 will fund the gaming equipment listed above and the expertise of a game tech for 1 day at a children's hospital
Donate To Power-up Starter Kit