Community Spotlight: Student Projects

Here at Child's Play, we love to work with the student community. Whether it's early education, high school, college- whatever the age, we've seen them do some incredible things. With the holiday break now behind us, students are heading back to the classroom and we'd like to share some of the ways that they (you!) can help us out!

  • School publications like newspapers, podcasts, radio shows, TV news, blogs - you name it, we are happy to chat with you about what we do at Child's Play.
  • Oftentimes students are assigned research projects but have freedom to choose a topic. We've had students send in work ranging from how play improves the healing processes, how community fundraising is effective (and could be more effective), the benefits of video games, and much more. Scientific data regarding many Child's Play related topics is constantly emerging, and can be a powerful and interesting subject to study.
  • Organizing and hosting fundraisers is an awesome way to get involved. Students generally have access to some wonderful resources, like event space and volunteers to help out. We've seen bake sales, game nights, marathons and tournaments, and the sky is the limit!
  • Students focused on the arts have sent us beautiful work that they complete for school projects. We've seen graphic design, illustrations, web design, animations, and more.

One group of aspiring animators from The New England Institute of Art spent the last few months creating a promotional video for Child's Play as part of their curriculum. It is very cool to see the process from start to finish, and they were able to work with a real client and have a final impact that helps spread the word about a cause they feel strongly about. Check out their video:

They also wrote an in-depth production blog outlining their goals, process, and key learnings.

Student projects like this are great ways to spread the word participate in our awesome community. If you'd like to interview us, do a Child's Play-related project, or run a student fundraiser, get in touch!