Desert Bus for Hope 9

Warm up those second monitors, folks, because Desert Bus for Hope 9 is nigh. What is Desert Bus for Hope, you ask? Well, the team at Loading Ready Run created a handy video guide to tell you just that:

The most boring game of all time, plus giveaways, auctions, dance parties, digital busking, special guests, and more - it all combines to be something truly unique. Desert Bus is one of our favorite times of year! It's a celebration of geekiness, giving, and community that exemplifies what Child's Play stands for in a way that we could have never anticipated (and frankly, neither did the Desert Bus crew!).

Jamie Taunts James
[Robert and Jamie assist James in driving the Bus]

In their eight (soon to be nine) years of driving from Tuscon to Las Vegas they've raised over $2.4 million - a truly staggering accomplishment and show of support from the incredible community that has rallied around the digital fundraiser. Crafters from around the world create unique props, art, and more, and donors open their wallets to bring home one-of-a-kind pieces during tense digital bidding wars through chat. There's an entire department dedicated to shipping that runs like an impressively well-oiled machine, and every prize is shipped as soon as possible - most times, while the marathon is still going.

Engaging Auction Mode
A Rare Pin lot is auctioned For The Kids!

Tune in this week as we embark on a journey from Tuscon to Las Vegas... back to Tuscon, then to Vegas again. Throw a few donations in to see some incredible dance moves or hear some karaoke of your favorite tune. Check out the Live and Silent Auctions and see if anything might be worthy of your own bidding war. Hop into the incredibly friendly chat and say hello to Robert, Kristin, Erick, and Jamie as they visit throughout the week.

Kristin Throws Cookies For/At Jamie
[Kristin and Jamie attempt to complete a donation challenge during Desert Bus for Hope 8]

Most of all, remember: every donation that rolls in, every mind-blowing auction or few dollars to push the numbers over the edge; it changes lives. Those donations are making a difference to kids in hospitals and domestic violence shelters around the world every single day. It's thanks to Loading Ready Run and their amazing dedication to this event, year after year. It's thanks to the chat, the bidders, the donors, the crafters. It's thanks to this amazing community. It's thanks to you. Thank you.

REMINDER! Early Bird ticket prices for this year's Child's Play Dinner Auction are closing soon - get your tickets by November 15th and you'll get a $10 discount. Individual tickets are here, group tables are here. We're also welcoming items for our auction! Instructions on how to donate are here. Hope to see you December 10th!