International GGB tour Round 1 New Zealand/Australia

March was a very busy month for the Child’s Play team. Part of our team attended SXSW and GDC to learn about new and exciting tech so we can share this information with our partner hospitals. The rest of our team traveled to New Zealand and Australia as part of the Gamers Give Back tour along with Game Changer Charity. In total, we visited 5 hospitals, some of our current partner facilities as well as facilities who are not yet partners. We hope in the future they will become part of our network. The last weekend of our tour, we attended the Association of Child Life Therapists Australia conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge of how games can be used in the Child Life space and see their excitement and realization of how beneficial video games can be in the hospital.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of writing a blog full of words that usually ends up being TL;DR, we will share with you the photos from our trip to New Zealand and Australia.

These hospital visits would not be possible without our amazing community’s donations. There are not enough words to express our thanks. We will let the Child Life staff and the children’s smiles say it all.

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(a photo of the Child’s Play & GameChanger team during our adventures) 


(photo credit StarShip Child Health)