Shelter Support

When we started our Domestic Violence Shelter program in 2013 we knew the therapeutic value of gaming. The systems provide an invaluable opportunity for staff to build relationships and rapport with the kids in domestic violence programs. Children who have been subject to trauma and abuse are understandably reluctant to build new relationships with people, and the shared experience of playing games together provides common ground. Gaming can be an incredible tool to help break down the barriers that victims of abuse put up around themselves, allowing them to feel a sense of normality and fun at an incredibly difficult time.

Over the past year, we have refined the program, lowering the cost of the systems we deliver to almost a third of the initial offering as well as implementing a regular disbursement schedule. We are sending four shelters a month a GAEMS case with a FullyLoaded Xbox One, loaded with games that were hand-picked with the understanding of the sensitive nature of the shelter environment in mind.

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