Thank you for your support in 2019

What a whirlwind of a year! We want to thank everyone for all of the support we received in 2019. Without your donations, our mission would not be achievable. 

We started out in 2019 with two international trips with Game Changer. The first adventure was to New Zealand and Australia where we visited six children’s hospitals. While there we also attended the ACLTA Conference. This allowed our team to speak to the Child Life staff from the area to learn more about how we can support them. Our second adventure took us to Ireland and the UK where we visited eight children’s hospitals. We were able to play games with the patients and staff, as well as speak to the staff to learn more from them.

These international visits helped us see how Child Life and Play Therapy can differ outside of the US and Canada while also being very similar. We found the quality of the staff to be the same amazing people we have come to expect. They also have some of the same challenges getting games in hospitals, but also some awesome innovations.  In general, we continue to note that no two children's hospitals are the same, and we have to meet them each at whatever part of the journey they are.

During our grant periods this year, you helped us fund seven new Gaming Technology Specialists! This includes our FIRST EVER international position at IWK Children’s Health Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada.  

Your generous support has allowed Child's Play to continue to expand our network of Partner Hospitals and Domestic Violence Shelters throughout the world! In 2019, we served 150 hospitals in the United States, 31 hospitals internationally, and 48 domestic violence shelters throughout the country. You also helped us provide $2.8 million dollars in equipment and grants. This equipment ranges from GAEMS Cases with Fully Loaded Xbox Consoles, Virtual Reality Equipment. iPads, Nintendo Switches, PlayStations, games. movies, toys. and so much more! This is just a small sampling of the fun, therapy, and support your contributions have allowed Child's Play to provide to children all over the world. 

This year we were, yet again, blown away by the community’s support. Here are a few of the events that were held in 2019. 

  • The folks at Desert Bus broke their own record by raising $865,015.00, which means they have raised over 6 million dollars since the inception of Desert Bus for Hope!

  • Jacksepticeye held a #Thankmas event which raised $354,753.14!



  • And finally, our annual dinner auction raised $300,000! 

At the end of 2019, we look back at everything you have helped us achieve and are overwhelmed with gratitude. As we enter 2020, we look forward to accomplishing even more with your support. Our mission to #PlayGamesFeelBetter is all thanks to you, our supporters. 

P.S. You can continue your support and spend that holiday cash in a feel-good way by visiting our online store.