Therapeutic Video Game Guide

Child's Play is proud to offer our Therapeutic Video Game Guide, updated for 2017, which is an excellent tool for any clinician or caretaker who works with children.

The purpose of this guide is to recommend therapeutic video games for children based on their symptoms. The games recommended in this guide were curated by researchers at EEDAR, a market-leading video game research firm, in collaboration with mental health researchers at UC San Diego.

Game recommendations have been categorized into six symptom categories:

› Pain
› Boredom (Short-Term Stay)
› Boredom (Long-Term Stay)
› Anxiety/Hyperactivity
› Sadness
› Cognitive Impairment

This guide was designed as a quick reference to help caretakers quickly select games for their patients. Caretakers can reference the category that best fits the symptoms of the patient and select one of the games listed.

Please feel free to download and share this guide with anyone who might find it useful!

Game Guide Cover Image