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Alfred Dupont Nemours Health

Testimonial from inpatient oncology child life specialist:

On the hematology/oncology unit, there are installed Xbox ones in every room for patients and families to use. For several years, it was up to the staff to bring a controller into each room, which would often lead to a delay in the patient's ability to begin using the Xbox. Also, controllers often went missing in the process. With Child's Play funds, we were able to install wall mounts, a security tether, and control in each room. We were also able to purchase additional controllers for when family members want to play along with the patient. This has greatly reduced the amount of time it takes for kids to be able to start playing. This particular unit has many repeat patients and we have received a lot of positive comments about the benefits of having the Xbox controller ready and waiting to be utilized in the room. One patient told us, I don't have to bother anyone, I can just reach over from my bed and grab my controller. Another patient commented, you guys have thought of everything and this place is actually fun. We were so appreciative to have the ability to purchase the items that not only benefit our patients and families but also have greatly helped make our workflow easier.