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Brittany S

Child's Play,

I want to personally thank you for the donations our child life team has received over the years. As a Child Life Specialist, the donations make my job easier, which, in turn, makes the hospital setting a more positive place to be.

Specifically, I was working with a highly anxious 10-year-old patient who needed stitches. While preparing him for the procedure, he shared that he loves playing the Nintendo DS. As part of our coping plan, the patient played the DS (which was generously donated by Child's Play) while getting stitches. He was smiling and very distracted throughout the procedure. What may have been a traumatic experience was positive due to the wonderful tool I was able to utilize with him. On behalf of this patient and his family, I cannot thank you enough for donating the tools for us to use to turn the hospital experience into a positive one!

With gratitude,

Brittany S. Certified Child Life Specialist, Sanford Children's Hosptial