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Sarah Tuttle

Thank you for blessing Lighthouse with the PS4 and GAEMS case combo. The children in our transitional housing program LOVE IT! The system is used on a daily basis. The portability of the unit is fantastic and game selection is perfect. It gets played by more than one person at a time.

I asked the kids to share their thoughts about the gaming system. Here's what they shared:

- Easy to use

- Very portable - not too heavy

- Good screen size and quality

- Fun games

- Love it!

- Maybe add racing and car games

We knew the kids would really enjoy the gaming system, however, we were surprised that it actually has become a way for our staff and volunteers to build a relationship with the kids. The kids in our program have been through a lot of trauma and are often very reluctant to be in a relationship. The gaming system has given us a common ground to play with them and as we play, they begin to talk and open up. It has been an incredible tool to begin removing the protective walls the kids have built up around themselves due to trauma and abuse.

Due to the portability of the system, we are able to take the unit with us when we are meeting with potential clients and their children. The moms' are in trauma or just coming out of trauma as are the kids. While we meet with a mom, the kids are able to feel a sense of normality and fun as they play games.

Thank you so much for generously allowing us to utilize the gaming system as we help families coming out of domestic abuse and work with them to build new, healthy lives.

Many thanks,

Sarah Tuttle

Executive Director

Lighthouse Family Ministries NW