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Since 2007 Desert Bus for Hope has been embarking on an annual marathon drive through the desert between Tucson and Las Vegas all to help kids Play Games, Feel Better. As the world's longest-running internet-based fundraiser Desert Bus has raised more than $10 million for Child's Play over its 17-year history. This wild, week-long ride of hilarity and tedium involves a team of dedicated board members who plan all year as well as over 50 volunteers lending skills including production, IT, broadcasting, communications, project management, gaming prowess, and of course - PERSONALITY:)

The funds raised through Desert Bus have been foundational in establishing and growing programs and providing games and technology to enrich the lives of hospitalized children. We are so grateful to Desert Bus organizers, supporters, and Loading Ready Run for your belief in the healing power of play and helping Child's Play Charity improve the lives of pediatric patients and find new ways to help children Play Games, Feel Better™.

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