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Rachel Miner

Random Acts, the students of The Instituto Libre and the community of San Juan del Sur are incredibly grateful to Child’s Play for awarding a generous grant to the Free High School of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

The Instituto Libre — or Free High School — of San Juan del Sur opened its doors in 2002, offering free secondary education to teens and adults who missed out on attending regular school. In 2006, the Free Technical School opened, teaching associate degrees in tourism, construction, accounting and business administration.

The Free High School provides a free high school education to teens and adults who are unable to attend traditional high school, including pregnant women, students with children (often unable to acquire childcare), those who work during the week, people who live in rural areas, and disabled students (the new campus is one of the only handicap accessible campuses in the entire country). This education empowers individuals to pursue their dreams, gain more independence, and break the poverty cycle.

Child’s Play’s incredible contribution will provide the school with a wide range of equipment and amenities to support the school. In all, the grant covers:

- 25 laptops, 5 desktop computers, and 2 printers

- Audiovisual system for the auditorium

- Audiovisual systems for the teachers’ room and 9 classrooms/conference rooms

- New English teaching program, including teacher training and audiovisual resources

- Fruit trees and landscaping for the garden

- Dry composting toilets

- Photovoltaic solar power system and a rainwater capture system, as local infrastructure, can be unreliable.

Child’s Play funding has contributed to changing the lives of so many by making resources available to those that would never otherwise have had access to them.

Kind regards,

Rachel Miner

Executive Director

Random Acts