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Sue Eaton

This year more than ever, we can’t tell you how fortunate we feel for our relationship with Child’s Play Charity. We’ve had a very busy winter season, and it has been wonderful to be able to offer our patients such great opportunities. We learned this year how to operate the GAEMS vanguards, which can be just right for the child who must stay in bed.

The iPads, iPad minis, and iPod Touches also fill a similar need for children with long hours of waiting time. Once engaged in the apps, the time passes more quickly, and they are enjoying themselves, which helps them greatly to cope with the condition which brought them to us.

We have greatly appreciated the Therapeutic Video Game Guide. For those of us who are not savvy, this guide has helped us to match the right games with the right children and circumstances. For some children, movies are the best coping tool, and with the funds received through the Child’s Play grant, we were able to purchase DVD players to make sure that patients have an opportunity to watch the movies they love, as well as update our supply of movies and video games.

We also continue to receive the items from the Wishlist Child’s Play maintains for us. Many of these items were placed in the Christmas bags that hospitalized children received on Christmas Day. For some children, technology is their window into the outside world. Skype, Facetime, etc., connect them with their friends and family, which is so critically important during a time of relative isolation. Our patients, families, and staff so appreciate the fact that Child’s Play understands this need and are grateful to the wonderful people who run this organization as well as to the donors. On behalf of all of us, Thank You!

Sue Eaton, Child Life Sr. Manager, Cardon Children’s Medical Center