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Gamers Give Back Day 2022

GGB BannerJoin us for the 3rd annual Gamers Give Back Day on March 26th, 2022. Last year with your help we raised over $46,000!

While Gamers Give Back day is a concentrated effort you can still stream for us at a time that is right for you. Child’s Play will be streaming and raising funds through our event page on Tiltify and we hope you will sign up there too. We know many of you fundraise on various platforms to support us, however, to be eligible for GGB incentives you must sign up through Tiltify. You can raise money without earning incentives via any of our fundraising platforms including StreamLabs, Facebook Fundraisers, and SoftGiving.

Check out our Fundraising Guide to help you with all your fundraising and streaming questions. 


To encourage you to level up your fundraising efforts check out our fundraising tiers for content creators. 

Raise $200 or more and earn a Play Mat.

Raise $500 or more and earn an exclusive Tumbler. 

Raise $1,000 or more and earn a Child’s Play Blanket.

Raise $2,500 or more and earn a Child’s Play Logo Timbuk2 Backpack.

Raise $5,000 or more and earn a Child’s Play Trophy, Logo placement on Child’s Play website.

If you would like to use an overlay for your fundraising stream you can download it here.


What if I can't fundraise during the Gamers Give Back dates?
If you are unable to do so before March 26th don't stress, we have people fundraising for us year-round. We are here to help and support you no matter what time of year you stream. 

Are prizes cumulative?
Unfortunately, the incentives/prizes are not cumulative. Want to earn them all?
You will need to have separate Tiltify fundraising pages\events to be able to earn different incentives. We recommend you focus on one at a time, maybe set one a quarter, 4 quarters, 4 prizes.

Do I have to stream live to raise funds?
You don't have to live stream to raise funds, however, you will need to raise money via your Tiltify page and share that with friends and family to ask them to join in your efforts.

Can I do more than one stream to get an additional incentive?
Of course, you can! Nothing can stop our incredible community from holding multiple streams and earning several levels of incentives! We are here for it! We highly recommend doing multiple streams instead of doing one 24 hour stream, watching you sleep at your keyboard is not the best content.

If I raise money on another platform am I eligible for the incentives?

Unfortunately, we made the difficult decision to only track this through Tiltify. Tiltify has an incentive tier allowing for smooth and seamless tracking of an incentive program. It's our first year doing this so bear with us as we enter uncharted territory.

Our year-long incentive program items will be mailed quarterly.